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Original post by Peasantwentz I did Blue remembered hills, a theatre in education piece about sexting and the dangers and girl interrupted! And section C was awful!! They best have an appeal Follow 10 Original post by Morganblue68 I wrote about a devised physical theatre piece for section A, then I did section B and wrote about Top Girls.

So a girl interrupted your exam? Follow 11 Original post by Peasantwentz We changed it a lot!!! Follow 12 Follow 13 Do you genuinely think Brighella will come up? Love Through the Ages, This forum is supported by: GF never initiates sex. University of Bristol Replies: Count to a million Part 31 Started by: Model House of Commons Replies: A Mental Health Blog Started by: News and current affairs Replies: Million To Zero thread Started by: Ask Student Finance England Replies: Grow your Grades Replies: University of Cambridge Replies: Teacher training, teaching and education jobs Replies: Friends, family and work Replies: Advice on everyday issues Replies: AMA about hearing voices!

Personal Statement Advice Replies: Tell us a little about yourself to get started. University open days University of Surrey. Undergraduate Open Day Undergraduate. Is it too soon to be excited about Christmas.

Question 1 should be answered in short, clear, informative sentences. Who do you play? What is the Style? Answer in statements, not long justifications. Answer in short sentences. Give details of one part of the play to support your answer. You need to write about the following: In our performance, I multi rolled, playing both the father and a policemen.

To distinguish between the characters, I played the father with an upright, open stance, a soft, even voice when calm and a loud, forceful voice when I was angry and the use of gestures around my son to show that I cared deeply for him but also to show me as a parental figure with control as the naturalistic style demanded. This use of acting skills was displayed in the scene with my son in whom I admonished and then consoled him, shouting and then using a pat on the cheek to make him feel better to maintain the naturalistic feel of the piece and to make the audience sympathetic towards my son and me.

When I played the Policemen, when I had a strong stance, a stern voice and a disapproving glare to show that I was a negative figure in the play. It should be a detailed answer using lines from your piece and analysing exactly how you acted them movement, vocal and facial expression and evaluating the improvement you made. For Year 10 this was the rehearsal lesson. You needed to create an ending, overcome the problems of slow pace and lack of focus and make your characters more realistic.

You used hot-seating, backstory and spontaneous improvisation to do this. What did YOU have to master and do to make your character come to life? Did you add an accent? One key section that developed in rehearsal was the ending of our piece. We found that as we moved through developing our pieces, the storylines became more complex; the pace of the plot slowed, finishing was not easy and our characters were not clear.

In our rehearsal, we used concentrated individual character development to give us a clearer idea of who our characters were and how they would react in different situations, meaning we could improve them by adding accents, body movements etc. To clarify this further, we used hot seating with another member of our piece to practice behaving in character. We then performed a non-stop, spontaneous piece, in which we had to perform the entire plot in 20 minutes.

This meant we had to draw our plot to a close in time, and the spontaneous nature of the activity meant we could change the plot to shorten it, making it less complex and easier for the audience to understand.

We then reflected on the performance, which meant we could draw what was good from the spontaneous piece but could also say what could be improved, allowing us to perfect the plotline so the pace never became sluggish.

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May 13, AQA Drama GCSE 18/05/12 Watch. to get an A* overall I need a higher A in my written paper. Any help on I have my aqa drama coustom writing Aqa Drama Written Paper Help obesity . Write about the final performance and your successes and failures Refer to the effect you wanted to achieve. e.g. make the audience laugh or cry, pathos, tragedy, shock, moral message. Refer to the required number of specific moments using a quote, and describe the skills you used in detail. Say why they were/weren't effective.

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