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One of the main stumbling blocks to the effectiveness of social marketing is the little appreciation given to management. There is also less emphasis put on the positioning of brands. Failure to use academic and proper documentation has also led to numerous problems.

According to Andreasen more use of competitive positioning and branding could greatly advance the reception of social marketing in the field of advertising. While social marketing may share some aspects of commercial marketing, the focus it places in behavior change makes it unique as Brier and Bryant found out in their research. According to the two researchers, health professionals who have most used social marketing fail to comprehend the extra mile that social marketing has to go beyond marketing principles.

Brier and Bryant show how social marketing can be enhanced by use of marketing theories and other parts of marketing like marketing mix and audience segmentation.

In order to achieve full success though, social marketing needs to use other tools used in behavior management. A study by Kotler and Lee argue out the concept exercised in corporate social marketing. When companies use their commercial marketing strategies and techniques towards social marketing they are able to attain more benefit as a result of the changes in societal behaviors.

On the other hand, if the set price is too high, the demand for new products will be considerably low, which means low sales volume in the new market. To set the right pricing of their frozen food in the Chinese food market, the following factors have to be considered.

The cost of a product is the total value of inputs used for launching a product or service into the market. It incorporates all the accumulated expenses from production and distribution of the product at hand.

In appreciation of the sensitivity of the pricing marketing mix, Iceland should ensure that its operations are very cost effective to cut down the cost of doing business in China.

In the context of Iceland, there is need to ensure that the cost of freezers and business premises are properly evaluated and then acquired at the lowest cost in order to ensure that the price is set above the break-even point and is still competitive in the Chinese market.

With the per capita income being on the rise in China, charging a luring and competitive price will place Iceland on a very good start in this market with a huge potential.

It helps a firm to understand on which grounds it would gain a competitive advantage over its rivals. Setting prices higher than those charged by competitors creates the risk of having very low sales due to low demand. On the other hand, if the set price is lower than that charged by the competitors, it might lead to higher demand and there a very small profit margin, which will reduce the profitability of operating in the market.

This will be helpful in coming up with the right pricing marketing mix. These are the sources of basic inputs in the production of one unit of a good such as labour and raw materials. A thorough scrutiny of the available suppliers is crucial because the price charged by suppliers forms a part of the cost of production, which in turn determines the price of products and services. This is helpful in relating the cost incurred for labour and raw materials to the existing price in the market, which brings out the picture of whether the business will be profitable or not.

Demand is directly proportional to the price charges. In case of the Chinese food market, there is an increasing demand for high-quality products with some rich people consuming exclusively imported food products.

Besides, Iceland has been at the forefront in terms of quality products. It was the first food company to ban the use of food colour in its products in addition to mechanically recovered meet. Therefore, in appreciation of the named traits of Iceland, not to forget the improving per-capita income, there is a huge possibility that the company will enjoy a high demand for its products However; there is a need in sensitivity to the price elasticity of the product at hand.

Intermediaries are the links between the company with its product and the customers. These are mostly sales agents or distributors of the product. The Iceland Company should ensure it reaches out to the best sales and marketing team in China as well as advertising agencies to ensure effective and positive entry into the market.

Over its operation in the UK, Iceland has been serving its customers via store and acquisition of small chain freezer stalls, which has enabled the company to bring its products closer to the customers around the United Kingdom.

However, to ensure its success in the Chinese market, Iceland should be mindful of the following factors. This mostly depends on the market nature in terms of the population distribution of the customers, which influences the channel used to bring the products to the customers. I was fortunate to meet such professional and talented writer here. My essay would never sound as good if I wrote it. I sent my requirements and paid yesterday.

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