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Bachelor in Law from the Temple University. Years of Experience 1. Master of Commerce from St. Why do people choose us? For more than five years we have delivered quality help to students. Trust and Try Now. In the other loop, some other factors are listed down. As market share of competitors decrease, Competition between them will increase which will force down their risk taking ability and as a result decrease the level of technology they are using in their products, this will result in decrease in their Quality.

As Quality will decrease tendency to buy Smartphone will decrease which in the end will decrease the Attractiveness of segment. Smartphone market can mainly be divided into two segments named as camera group in which people consider camera performance as comparatively important.

The second group can be named as performance and outer image group in which people consider smartphone performance, such as integration of hardware and software and file transfer and display and the outer image that a smartphone carries, such as design and brand image are very important.

Regarding purchase decision, the discriminant function is visible only in the case of Apple and, in order of effectiveness: This study took a look at Branding with a new perspective and driven out two implications. The first is that Marketing managers should always try to focus on Brand Loyalty which always acts as one of the important factors contributing towards Brand Equity. Brand loyalty has various advantages associated with it like: The other important factors in this context are Brand awareness and Perceived Loyalty.

The second implication is that Brand Equity must be studied further taking into account cross-country and cross-cultural effects into account so that new insights about Brand Equity can be used in future. Local brands have realized the importance of this much earlier than global brands. Local brands like Micromax and Karbonn were very quick to realize this trend and as a result more than half of the smartphone market have been captured by local vendors.

This is also because of shifting customer base from feature phones to smartphones in India. Though tier one brands would continue to have their own fixed set of customers who are Brand loyal, who prefer Quality over Price and who rely on better after-sales service. There is still a big chunk of customers who still prefer low cost smartphones and the main factor contributing to their pricing decision is Price.

The reason that urge or motivate people to purchase gadgets is to help themselves to be up to date. They consider battery life time as one the important factors while deciding to buy any gadget. Their attitudes are shaped by the family members who are also many a time a stakeholder in the purchasing decision. This study was basically conducted in order to judge consumer behavior in case discounts are offered to them. Commodity used in this study can be generalized to Eletronics components also.

Here the discounts are offered in two ways one in absolute terms i. The case is repeated in case of both low and high discounts. It was found that in case of high discounts, Consumers are more attracted towards the discounts shown in terms of percentage than in absolute terms, and in case of low discounts, consumers preferred those discounts which are offered in absolute terms rather than in terms of percentage.

Alongwith discounts, perceived quality also plays a major role because consumers sometimes start making some assumptions regarding the quality of the product offered. In this case, some other factors like expectations and past experience must be taken into consideration.

This study was basically done to provide a conceptual framework in order to develop brand strategy and to study brand equity. This paper provides a comprehensive idea of how marketers can create value for a brand.

Marketers may agree that they should take a broad and long term view of marketing decisions for a brand, but in what way may not be obvious. To study the effect of different factors which affects the Consumer Behavior towards smartphones in India. What are the effects of Culture, Social status and marketing activities have on purchasing behavior in Indian market? How does attitude and perceptions affect consumer behavior towards smartphone in India? What are the effects of cost and featuers of smartphones while purchasing it?

What is the efect of the brand on the consumer while purchasing a smartphone? First part of the research will consist of literature reviews in which various researches that have been done before in this area will be considered. Doing a literature review will help in analyzing and pointing out that among a lot of factors that are involved while purchasing smartphones what are the factors which are most significant. After that Secondary data collection will be done in which some surveys which have been conducted earlier regarding the same topic will looked upon.

Syndicate resources of secondary data include surveys which may be periodic surveys, panel surveys, shared surveys or maybe psychographics and lifestyles related will be able to provide a good insight. First of all we need to divide the Customers of Smartphones into diferent segments. The segments will be based on earlier use of any smartphone, based on use patterns people who are extensive Internet users, people who mainly use their phone for calling purpose only and people acording to whom price is one the major criteria low-segment, mid-segment and high segment.

Customers who do not possess a Phone ii. Customers who possess a Feature Phone not a Smartphone iii. Customers who use Internet extensively iv. Customers who mainly use phones mainly for calling purpose v. Customers who have earlier purchased low segment smartphones and are price sensitive. From these interviews, customer perceptions and their implicit interests can be tapped. The atmosphere should be very informal so that the participants freely express their opinions and the insights obtained could be tested on a larger scale in the questionnaire.

Some observation studies can also be done to gauge the interests of people while identifying with products. During these Interviews the effectiveness of Brand will also be checked as Brand forms a very important part during decision making process. A Questionnaire need to be prepared which can take information from the respondents in an appropriate, simple and cost-effective manner.

The type of questions in a questionnaire can be divided into three parts: The Questionnaire can be send via-emal or can be uploaded on a facebook page in order to cover as much as possible.

This can also be filled using representatives near digital shops like Reliance Digital, MobileStore,etc. You will prefer a Smartphone of Local manufacturer, a Multi national firm or it does not matter?

Select the degree of influence these factors have in your purchasing decision of a Smartphone[Rate between ]. The purpose of depth interviews would be to uncover hidden preferences of the consumers so that they can be tapped.

Also as they last longer, the time consuming parts such as conjoint analysis data collection can also be done in this type of primary data collection method. Smartphones have changed the way we live, communicate and connect with people around us.

With just a touch we can surf through internet, we can stay up to date about news all over the world, we can check weather news, we can reach anyplace using GPS, we can book hotels and flights, we can order online any commodity whenever required using just a Smartphone. Various Social networking websites can be accessed using Smartphones, you can also check reviews of several eating places like using zomato.

This case study basically looks into the factors that play major role during the purchasing process of a Smartphone. As the Smartphone market in India shrank for the first time in October-December quarter of , firms need to rethink their strategies and how to expand their market and hold onto the existing market. World Journal Of Social Sciences, 2 5: Journal of Business Administration, 5 Conceptualizing, measuring, and managing customer-based brand equity.

Journal of Marketing, 57 January ,

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