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Doctoral Student Position, University of Helsinki

PhD opportunities in Finland – what’s on offer for 2018?

❶Some institutions will also have a third semester during summer-time, depending upon their courses. The study plan should include studies that support the completion of your doctoral thesis and your development as an expert in your field.

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In Finland there are actually two degrees available after a Masters, one is a doctorate tohtorin tutkinto and the other is a licentiate lisensiaatin tutkinto.

The licentiate degree is a shorter research degree, roughly comparable to a UK MPhil. It takes two-years and is recognised as a pre-doctoral qualification.

It includes the coursework from the doctoral degree and a dissertation that amounts to half the work of a PhD student. As with a standard PhD programme you will have pass a public thesis defence in order to obtain the licentiate qualification. A licentiate could be a good choice if you want to complete a shorter project or plan to pursue a professional - rather than academic - research career. There are two types of doctorate in Finland: The national doctoral programmes are designed to bring together researchers and facilities in each discipline nationwide.

Each discipline within Finland has an associated doctoral programme adopted across all institutions. These programmes are typically fully funded. Similar to other countries you will propose your own research topic and pursue it independently - though you may need to find your own funding. The Finnish academic year begins on the 1st of August and finishes on the 31st of July. Universities are autonomous in organising their semesters, however there are typically two: Some institutions will also have a third semester during summer-time, depending upon their courses.

You will study for your PhD in Finland for 4 years as a full-time student. PhD students in Finland tend to be very independent, with the main focus of your doctorate being your research project , which you will start from year one. In parallel to your research project you may be required to attend courses , seminars and conferences. All of these will be decided upon by the graduate school or your supervisor and must be related to your research.

In addition to this it is common in Finland for PhDs in appropriate subjects to have links with industry. Therefore, you may also be advised by an instructor from outside your university, with relevant professional or enterprise experience.

Alternatively, you may be part of a joint-degree PhD programme, where your PhD will be co-supervised by an academic at a partner institution. The supervision process is an important part of a doctoral degree - wherever you study it.

To learn more, read our guides to working with your supervisor and what to expect from them. Your doctoral degree will be worth credits in total, all of which must be obtained to gain your doctoral qualification. You will have to complete coursework and examinations on the courses and seminars set for you in your PhD programme. In addition, you will be expected to write regular reports on your research and write papers detailing your results.

The final form of assessment for your doctoral studies is the submission and evaluation of your dissertation. There are two stages to this process:. However, some receive an additional grade ranging from pass approbator to oustanding laudatur.

Generous higher education policies make Finland a very affordable option for your PhD study abroad. There are currently no doctoral fees for any students regardless of nationality. This is different to Finnish Bachelors and Masters qualifications where non-EU students are typically required to pay fees. Even though there are no tuition fees for doctoral students, the cost of living in Finland can be relatively high compared to other countries.

Check with your institution for funding opportunities as some offer their own scholarships or provide accommodation for international students. You may be funded by your university as a doctoral student employed under a contract.

This is typically applicable to students involved in national doctoral programmes. As with any other member of staff you will receive a salary plus social security benefits. However, you will have to pay income tax. In return for your salary you will typically be expected to assist at the university, whether this be teaching undergraduates, carrying out administrative work or demonstrating within the labs.

It is best to check directly with the university what their terms of an employment contract are. Instead, most institutions now have a graduate school with multiple doctoral programmes. You will typically be applying directly to one of these programmes, in order to study for a PhD within it.

Entry requirements To be admitted onto a PhD programme in Finland you will be required to have a Masters degree or equivalent from a recognised institution. Other requirements will depend on the topic you are applying to research and the specific processes used by your university. If in doubt, check with your department. The language requirements for your PhD will vary depending upon whether you choose a programme taught in English or Finnish. There is no national test score limit, these will be set depending upon your institution, check these directly on their admissions webpage.

For courses taught in Finnish you are expected to have the required language skills before applying. An important part of eligibility are the language requirements. The University of Helsinki demands an indication of academic level language skills in either Finnish, Swedish or English of all applicants. Acquaint yourself with the language requirements in good time before applying to assure that you will have enough time to take a language test, if needed.

Choose a discipline and find the doctoral programme best suited for you. Doctoral education at the University of Helsinki is organized in 32 different doctoral programmes , working under four doctoral schools.

The boundaries between the programmes are flexible, and you can usually also take courses offered by other doctoral programmes. Through your doctoral programme you will belong to a doctoral school.

In many ways, the most important person in the whole process of obtaining a doctorate is your supervisor. He or she will supervise your research and guide you through your doctoral degree.

You can also type in appropriate keywords in the Search engine in TUHAT to find principal investigators and research groups within your field.

Please also note that many research groups have their own websites and it is worth looking into these as well. After finding a potential supervisor, contact him or her to discuss your research ideas and plans.

Please note that professors and principal investigators get dozens of emails from potential doctoral candidates. Most doctoral programmes require that you have a supervisor, in some cases even two, when you submit your application.

Many of the doctoral programmes are multi- or interdisciplinary and provide qualifications for doctoral degrees awarded by different Faculties. When you apply, you must inform us of your target degree in the application form. The choice of degree depends on your academic background — different earlier degrees make you eligible for different doctoral degrees.

Prepare your application documents. You must submit paper copies of your degree certificate and transcript of records to Admission services of University of Helsinki. The documents must be officially certified. See here for in-detail instructions. Also, check if there is a country specific requirement for your documents. If there is a country specific requirement in place, you must follow it. Neglecting the requirement may lead to your application being rejected. See here for the country specific requirements.

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All doctoral dissertations completed at the University of Helsinki are to be published in the University’s open digital archive, i.e., the E-thesis service. For compelling reasons (e.g., if the dissertation contains unpublished articles) the doctoral candidate may refrain from publishing the dissertation using E-thesis.

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Doctoral education at the University of Helsinki is organized in 32 different doctoral programmes, working under four doctoral schools. The boundaries between the programmes are flexible, and you can usually also take courses offered by other doctoral . University of Helsinki doctoral dissertation form and publishing an electronic dissertation in E-thesis University of Helsinki doctoral dissertation form Doctoral candidates should fill in the electronic doctoral dissertation form three weeks before the public examination of the dissertation at the latest.

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