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French 1 homework help?

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❶In fact, for several centuries French dominated as lingua franca in the world, and was even the official language of the English court. Do you all play football?

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french homework help:


Non ne jouons pas au foot. Do you all play football? Oui, elle travaille a la maison Is she studying? Ithink you have copied the wrong one for B Activite 2. Ou est mas soeur? Elle est a la maison. Is he working down there? Mais non, il ne ravailler pas la-bas? Veux-tu jouer au basket?

Would you like to play basketball? Oui je veux bien jouer au basket avec toi. Yes, I would like to play basketball with you 4.

Est-ce que tu parle francais? Do you speak french.? French teacher for 30 years. Related Questions Au pluriel? French 1 homework help.? I need help with french homework plz!

French 1 Homework Help? Answer Questions Discuss the major functions of law in society, what alternatives to law might fulfill the same functions? Our French tutors will give you all the support and motivation you need to get your French homework done on time and get a better grade in your class. Instant tutor feedback makes it easy for you to monitor your progress as you learn!

Need help conjugating those irregular verbs? Having trouble figuring out the gender of a word? Our online French tutors can help. Is the teacher going too fast? With our expert French tutors, you can go at your own pace! Working with our tutors online gives you the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever works for you. With the help of our interactive white board, our tutors are able to explain spelling and accent usage in a way that is readable and easy to understand.

You can even go over homework, papers, and previous exams with your French tutor using our real-time file-sharing.

French homework help

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Jan 25,  · Activite 3: Quetions et reponses Choose the most logical answer to each question. que vous jouez au foot?, elles jouent au Resolved.

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To help get started, we recommend visiting BBC Languages French. On a level appropriate for a student seeking college homework help, there are two great online tutorials for introductory French offered by MIT's OpenCourseWare and titled French 1 and French .

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VISIT US Wake County Public School System. Dillard Drive, Cary NC On-demand French tutoring means your homework just got a whole lot easier. Review vocabulary, practice irregular verbs, or let us help you study for your next French quiz. Whatever your needs are, get the help you're looking for at a time that works for you. Watch how it works. With our online.

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French homework help. writing problems. help on personal statement. best college essays ever written. View French Homework Help 1E from FRENCH at Keystone National High School. Le-Writing 1E By: Erin Cosby (hecosby) Teacher: Mme. Swanson Class: French 1 Date: 7/16/18 Think about your own.