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Offer biographies of 10 women who contributed to US history since the Civil War.

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❶She drafted a document entitled the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and then set about chairing a commission that would influence the U.

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She began a campaign to inform children and their parents about the unhealthy effects of childhood obesity and then planted an organic vegetable garden at the White House. Those vegetables were served at White House meals for eight years. She pushed a campaign to encourage children to exercise for their health. She provided an example for all women to pursue the goals they wanted to achieve without constantly fearing they would be ridiculed or ignored.

As a speaker, she urged her listeners to "take the high road" and not lose sight of their values of right and wrong. She worked with Mrs. Biden, wife of the vice-president to begin programs to help military veterans and their families to overcome injuries and other problems.

She changed history by showing all of us how to maintain a sense of honor and dignity and to work toward improving the world around us. There are a multitude of important historic American women active after the Civil War.

Here are 10 of the major ones. She was the first woman to head a major party presidential ticket. Prior to that she served as a senator for the state of New York and as the Secretary of State.

Oprah Winfrey, media mogul. While she first came to prominence as a daytime tv talkshow host, she expanded on that success, creating a media empire and becoming one of the most admired most admired and influential women the United States. She was the first woman appointed the the Supreme Court of the United States and served on it for over 20 years. During her time on the court she became an important swing vote and wrote the majority opinion on several landmark cases.

She took over as publisher for the Washington Post ofter the death of her husband. Rosa Parks, civil rights activist. Her refusal to give up her bus seat to a white passenger sparked the Montgomery bus boycott, one of the major protests early in the civil rights movement. Eleanor Roosevelt, activist and diplomat. The wife of president Franklin Roosevelt, she was the longest serving first lady in history.

She worked to redefine the position, using its prominence to advocate for the issues she cared about. After serving as first lady, she served as delegate for the United States to the United Nations. Hellen Keller, political activist and author. Early in her life she lost both her hearing and vision. She overcame her disabilities and learned to communicate through sign language. She was the first deaf and blind person to earn a bachelors degree.

She became an outspoken political activist for many causes and published several books. She fought for the right to birth control and popularized the term. She was the founder of the American Birth Control League, the organization that became planned parent hood.

Margaret Knight, 19th century inventor and one of the first women to receive a patent. Her designs for the flat bottomed paper bag are still used in paper bags to this day. Though the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote was ratified after she died, her work was instrumental in bringing about that amendment. She was also the first American woman to appear on US Currency. Offer biographies of 10 women who contributed to US history since the Civil War.

Expert Answers teachersage Certified Educator. Victoria Woodhull became the first woman to address a Congressional committee and the first female candidate for US President Frances Perkins became the first woman ever to hold a Cabinet post when Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed her as secretary of labor in From the well-known movie star to the obscure artist, we will provide you with a paper that fits your style and length specifications.

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This web page will provide information on the stories and their adventures of all early American Pioneers. Facts on File — Science, history, multicultural studies and health.

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