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Independent contractor for numerous companies - Mystery Shopper Resume Example

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One of the challenges is that mystery shoppers are usually given a window of time to complete the job. Some jobs will give a week to complete, while others are more rushed and need to be completed within a day or two.

Back in the days, mystery shopping was not an easy kill, because after hectic shopping, the mystery shopper also had to fill out long questionnaires in writing. Now, that is a lot easier. The questionnaires require you to document your experience and satisfaction levels ranging from customer service to the quality of the product.

Now, the questionnaires can be filled out online, as marketing companies evolve their business models. After completing an assignment you are usually required to fill out an online questionnaire within a set timeframe , which on the average is usually between 8 — 24 hours of job completion.

Since you cannot take the questionnaire or notes in-store, since it would alert employees, the best thing to do is to enter your results onto the system as soon as you can while the details are still fresh in your mind. Some questionnaires are longer than others but should take no longer than fifteen minutes to complete. Based on the type of work that one has to do, no qualification is typically required, except for a sharp mind with the ability to capture details.

There are many guidelines for resumes on the internet so I seriously doubt that we need to provide one here. What is generally being sought is proof that the potential shopper can produce narrative that includes observations rather than opinions in a clear, descriptive manner. The paragraph s should be in standard English with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Back in the New Mystery Shopper section it is suggested that folks take the time to write up a few of these to save to their hard drive and paste into registrations as needed.

My repertoire on these includes a write up to a restaurant that is not shopped and indeed has gone out of business since I wrote it , but covers the hospitality, service, cleanliness and food quality items that most restaurant shops want. Again, I can write a great resume. My academic resume is pages, depending on whether I include PR jobs as well as teaching and writing, and which types of writing expertise I want to highlight, as well as on format, font, etc. On the other hand, is it appropriate to list the MSCs one has worked for, or individual jobs without identifying the MSC?

I have only been mystery shopping for 9 of my 64 years, so what will the company want to know about the previous 58? For academic jobs, they want to see every year accounted for or they assume you are trying to hide something. As far as the copies of the reports themselves, in the discussion I participated in, there were definite references to physical copies of the report forms redacted from specific information, of course. I was primarily trying to be helpful to others.

I figure that a resume for mystery shopping should include former experience that might be relevant to certain clients, though it is likely to be a 1 liner as opposed to a specific run down of duties that might apply to a job I was applying for.

There I will itemize the types of shops done somewhat generically and with no MSCs named so that they know I have done retail, financial, restaurants and multi day observations of upscale hotels and resorts. We know generically that every shop report has a day, date and time it is performed.

It will involve evaluation of one or more persons as to professionalism in dress, approach, service and departure comments. Most reports prefer one or more direct quotes, etc.

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Mystery Shoppers pretend to be real customers in order to measure product and customer service quality. Typical duties listed on a Mystery Shopper example resume are making purchases, talking to employees, rating the level of customer service, providing information to employers, filing reports, and submitting receipts to obtain .

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Mystery shopping is about evaluating customer service and it is helpful to know what it is you are evaluating. Choose any experience performing inspection duties. Mystery shopping requires an eye for detail so let them know you already have experience in .

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This is an actual resume example of a Mystery Shopper who works in the Call Center Industry. LiveCareer has Call Center resumes in its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. He may be a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers, who work on a contract basis, secretly evaluate consumer-service companies by posing as ordinary customers. Mystery shoppers work their own schedule, typically going on as many assignments as they choose in a day.

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This is an actual resume example of a Mystery Shopper who works in the Airline Industry. LiveCareer has Airline resumes in its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume . LISA CHERI STOCKTON PROFILE. I have worked in the Customer Service industry for the past 20 plus years; as a Food Service Manager for a European retailer, as a Chef/Caterer, Teaching Cooking Classes to kids, and lastly as a .