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❶Since the topics on the home screen use images, this is helpful to kindergarten and second grade users that may not be able to read fluently.

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United States history and current events from the colonial era through today. Includes online nonfiction books, articles, videos, and project ideas. Primary sources, secondary sources, and full-text journal articles covering all areas of U.

Primary sources, secondary sources, and full-text journal articles covering world history from antiquity to the present. Country histories, cultures, statistical data, embassy contacts, images, maps, audio files, and recipes.

Resources for science exploration and student research support. Includes nonfiction articles with read aloud option, videos, current events, career information, and experiments. Overviews, full-text articles, images, websites, and videos covering earth and life science, space, technology, mathematics, and science history and biography. Current and controversial issues with detailed discussions of pros and cons, summaries, bibliographies, and links to related stories.

Goes back to Essays on controversial topics that examine multiple sides of current issues. Includes charts, graphs, and research guides. Biographies, bibliographies and critical analysis of authors from every age and literary discipline. Includes criticism, plot summaries, and dictionary of literary terms.

Includes read-alikes, discussion guides, reviews and articles. A quarterly email newsletter with resources and services from Hennepin County Library to use with your students in kindergarten through grade Tutors online HelpNow Free online tutoring for all ages. Available on computers in the library or at home with your Hennepin County Library card.

Tutors are available online every day from 1 to 11 p. Get help from a tutor in English or Spanish. Get help from a tutor online. Tutors at the library Free in-person tutoring for K students.

No advance sign-up needed. Online resources Expand all General. BookFlix Video storybooks and online nonfiction books for young readers. Explora Kids Full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books about current events, people, places, animals, history and more.

InfoTrac Student Edition Full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books about politics, current events, science, history, popular culture and more. Kids InfoBits Full-text articles from magazines, newspapers, and reference books about current events, people, places, animals, history and more.

Research in Context Covers cultures, government, people, U. Student Resources in Context Biography, literature, history, science, current events, multiculturalism, and more. TrueFlix Scholastic True Books on nonfiction topics. Britannica Library Full-text articles, plus primary sources, news, websites, videos, images, magazine articles, online books, and an interactive atlas. Gale Virtual Reference Library Full-text articles on literature, art, biography, business, religion, science, education, history, law, social science, medicine, multicultural studies, and general reference.

World Book Kids Full-text articles on people, places, science, animals, history, and more. World Book Online Student Full-text articles on geography, history, science, and current events. American Indian Experience Articles on the Native tribes of North America as well as primary sources, including treaties, speeches, traditional tales, maps, and images. Biography in Context People from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas.

FreedomFlix United States history and current events from the colonial era through today. History in Context Primary sources, secondary sources, and full-text journal articles covering all areas of U.

A characteristic of an ebook is that it expands the traditional reading experience. World Book Online expands the reading experience by providing links to relevant and related videos right beside the entry. A characteristic of a nonfiction book is that the book is organized and presents information clearly with appropriate subheadings.

World Book has relevant subheadings for its entries. For example, under the entry "Gasoline Engine" it lists the most common type of engine called a reciprocating engine. Beneath that heading, it then lists headings for all the ways a reciprocating engine is identified, and beneath those headings are explanations. Further down on the page, there is an extensive list of the parts of a reciprocating engine and how those parts work.

Students will appreciate the extensive detail provided and the clear illustrations whose bold colors make it easy to distinguish different parts. Videos include illustrations as well as real footage that is contemporary. Students will also appreciate the links to other relevant topics connected to a gasoline engine.

Students may also like the built-in citation maker and the ability to easily turn the text into speech. Students may also like the feature to easily compile the article into another file within World Book where they can keep all of their research for a specific project. Jul 26, Donna Gallant rated it really liked it Shelves: Under World Book Online "Student," I searched for "Philippines" and found encyclopedia articles, 19 maps, 41 tables, 38 images, 21 special reports, 3 resource guides, and more.

Information about the island country in the southwest Pacific Ocean includes land, people, history, etc. With this online resource I was able to find a lot of information about my subject. The reading and interest level would be for middle grade readers and young adults Under World Book Online "Student," I searched for "Philippines" and found encyclopedia articles, 19 maps, 41 tables, 38 images, 21 special reports, 3 resource guides, and more. The reading and interest level would be for middle grade readers and young adults.

But, World Book Online Kids is for emergent and early fluent readers. The online resource is user friendly and is easy for students to navigate. The online resource gives opportunity to explore additional information beyond the narrative.

This includes audio of vocabulary, ability to enlarge photographs and maps, and sidebar facts, tables and graphs you can click on. It serves its intended audience of middle grade readers and young adults well by being a good resource. Encyclopedia, E-Book, Nonfiction, Atlas Estimate of grade level of interest- Primary with support and guidance to find appropriate materials , Middle grades, and older Estimate of reading level: One example is a short biography of Jack Gantos tells of his literary contribution to children and young adult audiences, writing about realistic accounts and an autobiography.

Another is a longer article on eagles that is linked to many different types in addition to hearing their sound, Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book: As with an interactive resource, related information, audio, video, and images are linked.

Words that may be unknown are colored and underlined, and linked to sources within to provide a description. Expected with a nonfiction, the correctness is a significant concern. Suggestions for how to cite the article s allow the reader to search back to an original source. In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience? This type of opportunity supports younger reading with audio and visual supports, although they may need support navigating the sight.

The videos add appeal, while also supporting the younger readers in addition to building additional interest for any age or ability. The colorful and interactive site allows supports for nearly all reading abilities. The World Book web site also offers an atlas, homework help, study aids, and curriculum guides for teachers. While this is a paid site, there is a free educational resource site available at http: Also available are downloadable activity sheets, scavenger hunts, quizzes, and other things such as tip sheets.

Spring American Library Association Links to published reviews from professional sources: Jul 17, Amy Herrick rated it really liked it Shelves: World Book Online; Nonfiction Estimate of age level of interest: Grades K-3 Estimate of reading level: There are three accompanying photos and links to further information.

A characteristic of an e-book is that is should appeal to various learning styles. The WBO has striking and vivid photographs, options to hear the article aloud, optional Spanish text, and links to games, videos, and related articles. Another characteristic of an e-book is that it should offer a clear linear reading experience.

The WBO additional features mentioned above do not get in the way of the article. They neither interrupt it nor detract from it. A reader must choose to click on the alternate links. The information is clear and the photographs make the research experience more engaging. For instance, the poison dart frog linked to an article on a spider that lives in the same habitat.

Overall, though, the site is rich and engaging, and it provides options for various levels of ability. None found Published reviews from professional sources: Jul 26, Ericka Behrsing rated it it was amazing Shelves: K-5th grade Estimated reading level: This website allows younger students to engage in their research. It is an online encyclopedia format, however it is at a much lower reading level than your classic encyclopedia.

Additionally, this website offers a read-aloud option, helpful graphics, and other interactive activities for whatever students choose to research. In this case I researched Vermont.

Identify two characteristics and explain how they are used in this book: Non-fiction Information is accurate This is a very important characteristic among non-fiction. There is a large list of resources used and citations for students to used. Information is divided with sub-headings. I think this is a strength of this website. The information is very clearly divided which makes it really easy to work through.

It is also helpful for students who are looking for specific pieces of information, it will guide their research. Yet again this is another wonderful website that will really help students learn about the research process. There material is not only easy to read and organized clearly, but it also is engaging.

The text is a larger and there are great graphics that go along with the text. In addition to this, the read aloud function is really helpful for struggling or early readers. Jul 23, Melanie Berthiaume rated it really liked it Shelves: Worldbook Online Estimate of age level of interest: Grades 3 and up Brief description: This article clearly describes various species of deer, their bodies, range, and habits.

Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre s and subgenre and discuss how they appear: As an online research tool, the World Book continues to provide the clear, concise information it always has in a more graphic, user-friendly format than its printed versions.

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