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❶Personally I like this format because it taught me how to effectively conduct research and the skills gained will help me when I leave the military and enter the civilian sector. Barely clears Quonset hut, loses tug-of-war with switch-engine, can fire a speeding bullet, swims well, is occasionally addressed by God.

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The application is an official document. The information must be complete and accurate. If the space is inadequate for a certain situation, explain the situation on an attached page.

Be certain that you document is neat, error- and smudge-free, typed, centered, and complete. Typing application forms is not always possible; however, it is preferred. The form is often copied and widely circulated internally, and a typed form is a more effective presentation.

If there is a "salary desired" or similar blank, you may write, "negotiable" if you have no significant work experience related to the sought-after assignment. For candidates with work experience or a minimum acceptable salary, the minimum should be specified. If the employer cannot meet the minimum, an offer is unlikely, so both parties can save time. Designing Your Resume Purpose A resume is a self-marketing tool. It stimulates interest in you by summarizing information: Employers want to know about you, not your position.

Spend more time describing your duties, responsibilities and accomplishments than describing the size and nature of your organization, although it is important for the employer to know that you have had experience in a similar organization. Your resume should be factual, impressive, readable, and tailored to the position you are seeking. It should describe your experience and achievements to stimulate a positive response. Your resume is an important item in getting you the position desire.

Preparation In preparing to write your resume, remember that you can only count on an employer to spend twenty seconds scanning your resume before deciding whether to review it further or put it aside. Obviously then, effective resumes are developed by individuals who have thoroughly researched the organizations they want to work for, have identified the specific job they want, and have figured out what they have to offer. In addition, well designed resumes have these characteristics in common: To select the type which best supports your needs, review the following information.

Many professional recruiters discount functional resumes and consider them as a "red flag", since many applicants use them to disguise a lack of experience or unstable work history.

Chronological Resume Preferred In this type of resume, job history is organized chronologically with the most recent information first. Job titles and organizations are emphasized and duties and accomplishments are described in detail. A chronological resume is easy to read, since it highlights names of employers and job titles, and emphasizes career growth. It is best suited to those whose career goals are clear and whose job objectives are aligned with their work history. A chronological resume is advantageous when: A chronological resume is not advantageous when: Functional Resume Stay away from a function resume if at all possible.

In a functional resume, skills and accomplishments developed through work, academic, and community experiences are highlighted. Your skills and potential can be stressed and lack of experience or possible gaps in work history de-emphasized. However, it is important to realize employers often view functional resumes more critically for these very same reasons. The functional resume is advantageous when: The functional resume is not advantageous when: Combination Resume This format combines the best elements of the chronological and functional types.

It presents patterns of accomplishments and skills in a section headed "Areas of Effectiveness" or "Qualifications Summary. This format is advantageous for those who wish to change to a job in a related career field. Ronald and Caryl Rae Krannich in their book, Dynamite Resumes, point out that the categories of information you include on your resume should provide answers to these questions: Who are you and how can you be reached?

What do you want to do? What have you learned? What can you do? What have you done? Professional activities and accomplishments: How have you been recognized? What else do they want to know about you? Sequence the categories according to what is most important to the employer and your career objective. A recent college graduate with limited experience should usually put the education section first since it is the most significant qualification.

Education should also be listed first when, as in the case of teaching, law, medicine, or engineering, education is a qualifying requirement. In a situation where an applicant wants to emphasize significant work or extracurricular experience or when an employer seeks to fill jobs in fields such as sales, public relations, or merchandising, the experience or work history category may be listed first.

Contact Information Begin your resume with your name by capitalizing or using bold type. Include street address, city, state, and zip code. Include phone number s where you can be reached weekdays, 9am-5pm.

Designate your home phone with an "H," and work number with "W," or a "Messages" number. Experience and professional job seekers rarely include it. This component of the resume can be very challenging to write. The purpose of the objective statement is to inform the reader of your career goals and qualifications. The statement should be written specifically enough to let the reader know that you have a focus to your job search.

If you are considering a variety of objectives, you may want to relay the relevant objective in an accompanying cover letter. Adding this section is useful when you have developed skills and specific knowledge through your education rather than work experience. He later stated, "Over the last seven weeks, the approach of the Republican Party has become narrower and narrower [ McCain in the way that I have this morning, and I regret that [ In a July CNN interview with John King , Powell expressed concern over President Obama growing the size of the federal government and the size of the federal budget deficit.

Powell reiterated that Obama was a "transformational figure. The financial system was put back on a stable basis. On October 25, , 12 days before the presidential election , he gave his endorsement to President Obama for re-election during a broadcast of CBS This Morning. He cited success and forward progress in foreign and domestic policy arenas under the Obama Administration, and made the following statement: He called on GOP leaders to publicly denounce such talk.

Powell has been very vocal on the state of the Republican party. Speaking at a Washington Ideas forum in early October , he warned the audience that the Republican party had begun a move to the fringe right, lessening the chances of a Republican White House in the future.

He compared the race to a " reality show ", and stated that the campaign had gone "into the mud". Speaking to People magazine , Powell said, "The truth is, she was using [the private email server] for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did. Ambassador Susan Rice , "Benghazi is a stupid witch hunt. Powell referred to Donald Trump as a "national disgrace", with "no sense of shame".

Powell suggested that the media ignore Trump, saying, "To go on and call him an idiot just emboldens him. Despite not running in the election, Powell received three electoral votes for president from faithless electors in Washington who had pledged to vote for Clinton, coming in third overall. He was also the first Republican since to receive electoral votes from Washington in a presidential election, as well as the first Republican Black person to do so.

Powell married Alma Johnson on August 25, His daughters are Linda Powell, an actress, and Annemarie Powell. As a hobby, Powell restores old Volvo and Saab cars. He acknowledged a "very personal" email relationship but denied further involvement.

Azure, two swords in saltire points downwards between four mullets Argent, on a chief of the Second a lion passant Gules. On a wreath of the Liveries is set for Crest the head of an American bald-headed eagle erased Proper. The lion may be an allusion to Scotland. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the American politician. For the British soccer player, see Colin Powell footballer.

Department of State, Office of the Historian. Retrieved November 16, August 9, , p. Retrieved 24 December This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. Retrieved October 20, Retrieved September 30, New York Daily News.

Archived from the original on November 10, Retrieved October 19, Powell explained that he had joined ROTC. Colin Powell and Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York State, each a former Shabbos goy, both share fond recollections of their youth, when they were uniquely qualified to lend a Jewish neighbor a hand. City College of New York, B. My cousins became lawyers and doctors and judges and I just sort of hung around," he recalled.

Retrieved April 30, Archived from the original on August 7, Retrieved May 31, Archived from the original on September 8, Retrieved August 27, Retrieved February 3, Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved 7 December Archived from the original on January 10, Retrieved August 29, Joint History Office, U.

American Forces Press Service. Retrieved April 24, Retrieved February 21, Powell for his military proficiency. War in the Gulf. Others want to make him a five-star general. Mack asked me to secretly research the procedure for awarding a fifth star to a general. Moreover, for the very reason he admired Colin Powell as the most distinguished living black American, Clinton also feared the general as a potential rival.

War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton, and the Generals. Retrieved February 22, They checked it out and found that the last general to get a fifth star was Omar Bradley forty-three years earlier. Powell, they decided, was not Bradley. Besides, as George Stephanopoulos noted, if they gave him one more star, it might help him one day politically. Retrieved 17 August University of California, Santa Barbara: The American Presidency Project. Retrieved September 18, In recognition of your legacy and service, of your courage and accomplishment, today, General Powell, I was honored to present you with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with distinction.

I want to tell all those here in attendance that this was the second Medal of Freedom you have received, the first from President Bush in And today, you became only the second American citizen in the history of the Republic to be the recipient of two Medals of Freedom. President of the Republic of Bulgaria. President Georgi Parvanov awarded US Secretary of State Colin Powell with the highest Bulgarian order "Stara Planina" for his extraordinary services to the advancement of Bulgarian-American relations and in connection with the th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the United States.

It Worked for Me. Retrieved 12 April Texas Child Care Quarterly. Retrieved October 24, The New York Times. Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice: Retrieved July 3, Powell Center for Public Policy".

Archived from the original on January 26, Retrieved February 16, Archived from the original on January 9, Scholar Uncredited in Iraq Report". Retrieved June 26, Archived from the original on February 12, Archived from the original on January 2, Retrieved February 8, Archived from the original on October 31, Retrieved October 10, Council on Foreign Relations. Retrieved December 6, Thanks for your service to this great nation.

The first Master Chief was a Surface warfare type and it was a great interview. At the end of the interview the Admiral asked him, "Do you notice anything different about me? The Aviation Master Chief replied, "Well yes. You have no ears. The third interview was with a CT Master Chief.

He was articulate, extremely sharp, and seemed to know more than the other two Master Chiefs put together. The Admiral wanted this guy, and went ahead with the same question, "Do you notice anything differently about me?

You wear contact lenses. I had it suspended when I got my 5th DUI. The car is stolen? Hearing this, the officer immediately called his captain. The car was quickly surrounded by police, and the captain approached the driver to handle the tense situation: Sir, can I see your license? The driver owned the car. Sure enough, there was nothing in the glove box. Would you mind opening your trunk? Trunk is opened; no body. If you want health and dental insurance, find a job that has them or marry well.

One rule of thumb for the former: One rule of thumb for the latter: The only people who wear ties anymore are those trying to look important, but not getting paid to be important. You are more likely to be overqualified for a job than underqualified. If you use a generic resume, trim the fat off it before submitting it for a particular job.

You are also more likely to be undercredentialed, so pay attention to the little things like certifications, qualifications, degrees, etc. Goodbye polyester, hello cotton and wool.

If you want to get an interview, you must tailor your resume to match the job announcement. Save your uniqueness for the interview; the subtleties are lost on the HR folks. In conversation with normal people, your entire Naval career can be summarized in about 8 minutes, then it becomes boring to them. The old guys waiting in line in the VA hospitals know that, and so should you. If you return to your home town, some people will not have noticed that you ever left. The number of idiots in management jobs is proportionally the same in the private sector as it is in the military.

Wherever you are from, you will find that the summers are hotter and the winters colder than you remember them. There are also more insects than you remember.

There is no equivalent of Junior Officers in the real world. No company that keeps a balance sheet would think of paying two people to do the same job. If you are a butt-snorkeller, chances are you will continue to prosper in the private sector. Despite your apparent lack of credentials and the wording of most job announcements, you are qualified to perform almost every IT job there is.

If you learned anything at all in Navy TQ training, you are well-prepared for the business world. If you have Navy MTS qualifications, you can get any training job anywhere. Corporate training, however, has nothing to do with learning. The biggest scam in the current job market is working for non-profit organizations. There are a gazillion jobs in this field, mainly specializing in sweet-talking people out of their not-so-hard-earned money and understanding grant writing i.

If you can acquire these skills, you are set for life. No matter how adaptable your children seemed while you were dragging them around the globe, they will automatically hate your new home. The permanence of retirement is a scary thing for them. All things considered, I highly recommend retirement to all of you. Take care, Jim Bennett retired. All me blooming life, Sir!

Me mother was a mermaid, me father was king neptune. I was born on the crest of a wave and rocked in the cradle of the deep. Seaweed and barnacle be me cloths, every tooth in me mouth is a marlin spike, the hair on me head is hemp, every bone in me body is a spar, and when I spitz, I spitz tar!

I am, I is, I are! What time is it? Due to the fallacious nature of my chronometer, and the inability of my cerebrum to function in the manner of an august Chief Petty Officer, I am unable to ascertain the correct Military time to a punctilious degree; however, it is my firm belief that the approximate military time is "insert current local time". Some thoughts over the years that some of you may relate to. I might be aging myself on some of these. A bit of introspection from an "older" Sailor.

This is proof that the more things change, some things remain the same. A Sailor will walk 10 miles in a freezing rain to get a beer but complain about standing a 4 hour quarterdeck watch on a beautiful, balmy spring day. A Sailor will lie, cheat and scam to get off the ship early and then will have no idea where he wants to go. They have their assigned spaces to clean and maintain.

Woe betide the shipmate who tracks through a freshly swabbed deck. Sailors constantly complain about the food on the mess decks while concurrently going back for second or even third helpings. Sail to distant ports. Catch embarrassing, exotic diseases. And after retiring from the Navy consider going on a cruise and visiting some of our past favorite ports.

Just to think, Uncle Sam actually use to pay us to visit those same ports years ago. You can spend three years on a ship and never visit every nook and cranny or even every major space aboard.

Yet, you can name all your shipmates and every liberty port. Campari and soda taken in the warm Spanish sun is an excellent hangover remedy. E-5 is the almost perfect military pay grade. Too senior to catch the crap details, too junior to be blamed if things go awry. Never be first, never be last and never volunteer for anything. Contrary to popular belief, Chief Petty Officers do not walk on water. They walk just above it. Also under the category of sad but true, that lithe, sultry Mediterranean or Asian beauty you spent those wonderful three days with and have dreamed about ever since, is almost certainly a grandmother now.

A Sailor can, and will, sleep anywhere, anytime. Damn all who want to eliminate or change that uniform. The Marine dress blue uniform is, by far, the sharpest of all the armed forces.

Sailors and Marines will generally fight one another, and fight together against all comers. If you can at all help it, never tell anyone that you are seasick. Check the rear dungaree pockets of a Sailor. Right pocket a wallet.

Left pocket a book. The guys who seemed to get away with doing the least, always seemed to be first in the pay line and the chow line. Speaking of which, when the need arises, the nearest head is always the one which is secured for cleaning. Four people you never screw with: In the summer, all deck seamen wanted to be signalmen.

In the winter they wanted to be radiomen. Do snipes ever get the grease and oil off their hands? Never play a drinking game which involves the loser paying for all the drinks.

There are only two good ships: Whites, coming from the cleaners, clean, pressed and starched, last that way about 30 microseconds after donning them. The Navy dress white uniform is a natural dirt magnet. Sweat pumps operate in direct proportion to the seniority of the official visiting. Three biggest lies in the Navy: Everything goes in the log.

The Chief is always right. When in doubt refer to Rule 1. A wet napkin under your tray keeps the tray from sliding on the mess deck table in rough seas, keeping at least one hand free to hold on to your beverage. Never walk between the projector and the movie screen after movie call and the flick has started. When going in the opposite direction, the chronometer is retarded at which extends the work day. When I sleep, I often dream I am back at sea.

If I had to do it all over again, I would. Did you hear about the North Dakota rancher driving along checking his fences when he sees a hitchhiker. He gives the guy a lift. They talk little but the rancher asks his name and the guy says Rear Admiral Coaks.

All of a sudden the rancher slams on the brakes and there in the barbed wire is one of his sheep with his head caught. The rancher gets out, goes over, yanks his pants down and tears the sheep a new ass hole. But do I have to stick my head on the barbed wire? Marine Colonel was about to start the morning briefing to his staff. While waiting for the coffee machine to finish brewing, the colonel decided to pose a question to all assembled.

He explained that his wife had been a bit frisky the night before and he failed to get his usual amount of sound sleep. He posed the question of just how much of sex was "work" and how much of it was "pleasure?

There being no consensus, the colonel turned to the PFC who was in charge of making the coffee and asked for HIS opinion? The colonel was surprised and as you might guess, asked why? Run all the pipes and wires in your house exposed on the walls. Repaint your entire house every month. Build a wall across the middle of the bathtub and move the shower head to chest level.

When you take showers, make sure you turn off the water while you soap down. Put lube oil in your humidifier and set it on high. Once a month, take all major appliances apart and then reassemble them. Raise the thresholds and lower the headers of your front and back doors so that you either trip or bang your head every time you pass through them.

Disassemble and inspect your lawnmower every week. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, turn your water heater temperature up to degrees. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, turn the water heater off. On Saturdays and Sundays tell your family they use too much water during the week, so no bathing will be allowed.

Sleep on the shelf in your closet. Replace the closet door with a curtain. Have your spouse whip open the curtain about 3 hours after you go to sleep, shine a flashlight in your eyes, and say "Sorry, wrong rack. Re-qualify every 6 months. Have your neighbor come over each day at , blow a whistle so loud Helen Keller could hear it, and shout "Reveille, reveille, all hands heave out and trice up.

Submit a request chit to your father-in-law requesting permission to leave your house before Empty all the garbage bins in your house and sweep the driveway three times a day, whether it needs it or not. Have someone repeat loudly, "Now sweepers, sweepers, man your brooms, give the ship a clean sweep down fore and aft, empty all shitcans and butt kits over the fantail!

Watch no TV except for movies played in the middle of the night. Have your family vote on which movie to watch, then show a different one.

Repeat the same movie several nights in a row. When your children are in bed, run into their room with a megaphone shouting that your home is under attack and ordering them to their battle stations, shouting, "Now general quarters, general quarters, all hands man your battle stations!

Post a menu on the kitchen door informing your family that they are having steak for dinner. Then make them wait in line for an hour. When you finally get to the kitchen, tell them you are out of steak, but they can have dried ham or hot dogs. Repeat daily until they ignore the menu and just ask for hot dogs. Prop up one side of the pan so the cake bakes unevenly. Spread icing real thick to level it off. Get up every night around midnight and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on stale bread.

Set your alarm clock to go off at random during the night. At the alarm, jump up and dress as fast as you can, making sure to button your top shirt button and tuck your pants into your socks. Run out into the backyard and uncoil the garden hose.

Every week or so, throw your cat or dog in the pool and shout "Man overboard port side! Hang a paper cup around your neck on a string. Stand in front of the stove, and speak into the paper cup "Stove manned and ready. Make your family turn out all the lights and go to bed at , saying, "Now taps, taps!

Maintain silence throughout the ship! Build a fire in a trash can in your garage. Loudly announce to your family, "This is a drill! This is a drill! Fire in hangar bay one! Have your family stand watches at the podium, rotating at 4 hour intervals.

This is best done when the weather is worst. January is a good time. When there is a thunderstorm in your area, get a wobbly rocking chair, sit in it and rock as hard as you can until you become nauseated. Make sure to have a supply of stale crackers in your shirt pocket. Find the biggest horse you can, put a 2-inch mattress on his back, and strap yourself to it. Turn him loose in a barn filled with snakes for six hours and try to sleep. Then get up and go to work.

Make coffee using eighteen scoops of budget priced coffee grounds per pot; let the pot simmer for 5 hours before drinking. Have someone under the age of ten give you a haircut with sheep shears. Sew the back pockets of your jeans on the front. Take hourly readings on your electric and water meters. Every couple of weeks, dress up in your best clothes and go to the scummiest part of town. Find the most run down, trashiest bar, and drink beer until you are hammered.

Then walk all the way home. Lock yourself and your family in the house for six weeks. Tell them that at the end of the 6th week you are going to take them to Disney World for "liberty.

Hire someone to hammer on a gal drum at random hours to simulate paint chipping. When her baby began crying during the descent for landing, the mother began nursing her infant as discreetly as possible. The Chief pretended not to notice and, upon debarking, he gallantly offered his assistance to help with the various baby-related articles. The Chief sadly shook his head, and in true US Navy fashion exclaimed Each Naval Officer holds a ticket.

But the entire group of Chiefs has bought only one ticket for a single passenger. The Naval Officers are just shaking their heads and are secretly pleased that the arrogant Chiefs will finally get what they deserve. Suddenly one of the Chiefs calls out: The conductor checks the tickets of the Naval Officers. When he notices that the toilet is occupied he knocks on the door and says: For the return trip the Naval Officers decide to use the same trick.

After a while one of the Chiefs announces again: All the Chiefs leisurely walk to the other toilet. Before the last Chief enters the toilet, he knocks on the toilet occupied by the Naval Officers and says: When they entered the main dining room, they found the place was crowded. They did notice three Lieutenants sitting at a table with two empty chairs, so the Captain asked them if they could join them. They promptly invited them to join them. They ordered lunch and joined them in conversation as they ate.

At one point, the Master Chief mentioned he had observed characteristics about many officers from which he could determine the sources of their commissioning. The Lieutenants were eager to hear about this and asked if he could tell how each of them had been commissioned. The Lieutenant confirmed that was correct and asked how he had noted this. The Master Chief replied that the Lieutenant, through his conversation, seemed to have a strong academic background but limited military experience.

The Lieutenant confirmed this was correct and also asked how he had determined this. The Master Chief said, again through his conversation, that the Lieutenant seemed to have a firm military background and a lot of common sense. The Lieutenant across the table from the Master Chief asked if he had determined his source of commission. The Lieutenant stated that was correct and asked if he had noticed his high level of intelligence, precise military bearing, or other superior qualities acquired at the United States Naval Academy.

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