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Amazon sues ‘Buy Amazon Reviews’ and four other sites in new crackdown on bogus reviews

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How To Get Tons of Amazon Reviews For Your Book (Or Product) Won’t Fail You
STEP 1 (Spreadsheet Tracking)

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I have had over 45 reviews looking for more, so this system sounds great. Love the process, Mike. My book goes live in a couple months. Will get on this with the quickness! Yes, it is easy to pass off to an assistant. Thanks for the info!

This sounds like a good system for those with the money to do it. I suppose it could be used on a smaller scale…though fewer reviews would result. Mike, please proofread your sample emails—there are several typos. Perhaps the perfect, proofread email is too perfect. But I agree with you, typos are lazy. In regards to the cost.

One option is to send PDF versions of your book. It is too hard. Good for you for posting this up Mike, you rock. Just shared it all over the place. If you would be so kind, please share your sign up link for the Author Marketing Forum you have created. It is the coolest, most innovative way for authors to support each other and it is free, of course.

Brilliant — I like that you can do this over time — 25 people a week is a doable number to contact. And who knows what sort of relationships you may build. Thanks for the insight! Another great actionable strategy- Thanks Mike. Now I just have to finish writing my book so I can promote it! You organizing skills are amazin. Thank you so much! Jarom — Thank you for that.

I thought that would be a good clarification to make…. Thank you so much for sharing! The only thing I would change is the follow-up e-mail. I think that is unnecessary, but I see authors do it. I guess you could argue that. Second I ask them to do an honest review. Step 4 and 5 are the problem here. I cannot devote time to clicking through reviewers…..

The others I find. If I had a lightweight, small product I would definitely try this. Christine, how about a limited quantity pre-sale of the product at a lower price? You could ask these people to give you reviews, in exchange for the chance to get their hands on your product before everyone else. For example I have an interest in a company that makes, among other things, utility knives. These can sell for BIG money and cost us a lot to send out. So instead of sending one to each person, we are inviting them to be in a review circle of 10 people.

We pay to ship it to each person from the prior, and each person gets the knife for a week to evaluate. An interesting idea, though no good for me at the moment as I only have an ebook available. So far this has resulted in over unique reviews, so pretty sweet! That is a tremendous number of reviews that you have received. Hi — Great idea. I am trying to get reviews of my new novel and will use this strategy. Anyone interested in a gift copy, please get in touch.

I am actually going to write another post about that technique specifically. When you gift it to someone even for 0. That supports the credibility.

In terms of people talking about trying to automate it further, you could hire someone to do the steps of searching out appropriate reviewers. Sure that costs money, but most promotional tactics do. That is great Anne. My assistant does this for me… in fact I have another 25 going out tomorrow Sunday that she is handling. So happy you are doing the process too.

Mike I love the automation of this strategy. I will definately be setting something like this up for the Travel Journal. It is arduous and time consuming but seems like it would be worthwhile in the long run. I love the way you give to give! Hi Kim — I am so happy you can use this process in your business. It took me a long time to get this process going in my business so, yes it is arduous , but once it was in place I was all set.

Another 25 emails are going out this morning my assistant does it. Best of luck with it Kim. This is a great idea and I am keen to try it. Just one question — a while ago I asked people who had my book to do a review and not everyone had bought it from Amazon some had bought it directly from me.

Is this likely to be a problem at all? Nope, it is not a problem. The only thing is the reviewer MUST have an Amazon account and made a purchase of at least one product any product since they set up the account. Hi Mike, thanks for sharing your experiences, which I find very helpful. Best regards from Vienna, Austria.

A big shout out to Vienna!!!! Thanks for reaching out Tom and I hope you can use this strategy to grow your exposure. Wishing you the best!!!! Mike, This is one of many great blogs, but you have gone above and beyond here.

Helping people unselfishly is what I like about you the most. I am giving you a giant and awkwardly long hug right back to ya.

That is so very kind!!!! Thanks for sharing your review strategy. BTW, I reviewed your book on my site a few months ago. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for the review. Thank you very much. I really, really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Its helping me already. I usually have an answer when they fire back the question.. Your advice was a great help though! Mike that is such a brilliant article and laid out so clearly it will be easy to replicate. Thanks for this feedback Janet.

Please tell me how it goes with your assistant. Wow, articles like this is how someone gains loyal fans! And I am now one of your fans for sure. The information really helps me see step by step what needs to be done. Thanks Mike, so very appreciated.

Sharon — I am so flattered you said that. I hope it brings you tremendous results. Please know how humbled I am to have you as a fan, it truly means the world to me.

I so hope that you like it. And, of course this question almost goes without saying… may I be so bold as to ask for an honest review of the book when you are done? Even a one liner is fine… just want to have an honest review! Thanks heaps for sharing this. I think its a great strategy. It is my pleasure! I am sooo happy you can us it. And I agree it is not gaming… it is simply a system that brings results.

Thanks so much for sharing this: I understand how you felt when you considered packaging the info for sale but I am so glad you opted to share. I hope this method is a useful tool for getting you the much deserved exposure. Wishing you a wonderful success, Stephanie. Mike, very useful info and I hope to use it as my ebook on how to sell technology services comes out. Did you find that the Amazon reviews contributed to speaking engagements and more clients for you? Raj — When it comes to speaking engagements and clients, I have found that it is near impossible to judge.

But I have a theory that it adds to credibility. Meaning that the need for customers people to take action we seek social proof. The social proof gives us confidence. So, when I am considered for a speaking engagement I think people, on occasion, may take a quick peak at my books on line. The more they see in reviews, the more confidence they may have in booking me. You did the right thing sharing your system. My only reservation about it is in Steps 14 and 16 I think the gratitude is a bit over the top.

Dial it back just a bit. Otherwise, good luck; with all your hard work you will no doubt succeed. Marcy — Thanks for pointing that out.

I have the tendency to show too much appreciation. And it ultimately comes across as insincere. I appreciate the honesty and hope you can use the system! This is a practical system. Thank you for your generosity of sharing with us. I have not applied it yet, but will certainly do.

Truly wish that I had known it earlier. Your effort is greatly appreciated. I also look forward to learning the other systems that you had developed…. Thanks for reading TPE!!!!!! I hope you do get a chance to check it out at some point. Between the two, I must admit Pumpkin Plan is my personal favorite. Are you ready to sell those? But I have found a new an additional ways for getting reviews. I need to work on putting that together and posting it.

That is absolutely correct. This will get you many reviews, but of course are less credible even though they are totally legit than the Verified Purchase ones.

I have a process I have developed for that. I just need to get myself to writing the article for the process… it is a few additional steps. Hey JD — That is correct. Verified purchases are absolutely more valuable and there are a few ways to get there. One method is once you get someone interested in reviewing your book, that you gift it to them through amazon meaning you need to pay for it.

I have another method, that is extremely powerful in getting verified reviews without needing to seek out people to do reviews. I am going to write a post on the process sometime soon. I have found that my new process, running in parallel with the one I shared in this post… has brought in a consistent stream of reviews — some not verified purchases, by most of them are verified purchases that the review bought on their own.

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