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Will I Have to Write a Thesis to Get a Master’s Degree?

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❶Be judicious in your use of abbreviations. It depends on your specific school, and the program that you are in.

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I would appreciate if someone could help me with some hints on how to come across that. Masters are either specializations or given to graduate students who wish or have to stop graduate school before completing a PhD. Narrow down to a few options and write them an email, explaining your skills, interests and field of study. Ask if they can think of a possible project for you.

In your inquiries explain the requirements for a foreign Master thesis host at your university. Stress out the fact that you are merely asking for the right to use the local facilities and a co-supervision of your work.

In my case, a professor told me about a project he had in mind, and I expanded it in a short proposal that was accepted by the local faculty and my program. North-American professors have to worry about funding for their local Master students. You have to make clear that you want to be a visiting student and thus you will most likely be able to waive tuition fees with some exceptions, like MIT. With this in mind, there are few reasons for a group leader abroad not to consider your project, since you might contribute to their research while not costing anything.

These few reasons include: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. In my experience, a chapter of my MA thesis was actually assessed once I got into my PhD program and I was given, retroactively, one year of advanced standing in the PhD.

Not all students with a thesis got advanced standing either, but some, like me, did. But overall, yes, a PhD thesis for me was much the same as the MA—only bigger and more, as you say! By way of corroboration with your first paragraph: In my experience, applications to British schools were given greater weight when accompanied by a significant writing sample, but that may reflect the differences between British and American programs.

His thinking was generated by Dr. Second, regardless of your discipline in theological studies, you have to write a PhD dissertation. Well, partly, at least, because they have not come to grips sufficiently with a particular field in order to contribute something creative to it.

Guess how one first does that? Perhaps via the research necessary for a thesis! I also recently completed a thesis at Regent College and under the supervision of our host and have been mulling over the process since finishing in June. I was recently asked to proofread an MA thesis for a student out of a seminary in Manchester — hers was less than 50 pages including bibliography!

Having skilled writers and critical thinkers poring over your text can be a humbling thing, but it is an excellent learning experience. It gives you a taste of what professional writers face from their editors, and teaches you how to discipline your writing and manage your time. At the end of the day, there is a significant sense of accomplishment in knowing that you made it through a fairly significant task, and that you can survive even thrive in a rigorous academic environment.

I found Regent to be very up-front about the challenges of thesis-writing. I knew it was going to be the hardest thing I had ever done academically. As it is it felt good enough to give PhD apps a go. Often the plans we state in our proposal turn out different in reality. We then have to make appropriate editorial changes to move the document from proposal to dissertation.

Focus your research very specifically. You may think that a narrow focus will distort what you want to do, but a broadly defined project can be unmanageable as a research project. When you complete your research, it is important that you have something specific and definitive to say. Otherwise, you may be left with broad, vague conclusions that provide little guidance to scholars who follow you. Include a title on your proposal. A good proposal has a good title, and it is the first thing to help the reader begin to understand the nature of your work.

Work on your title early in the process and revisit it often. When selecting those guiding questions, write them so that they frame your research and put it into perspective with the literature. Those questions establish the link between your research and the research that preceded yours. Your questions should clearly show the relationship of your work to your field of study. Be aware of ethical considerations and procedures.

Choose your methodology wisely. Methodological considerations are a core issue as you develop and refine your research topic.

Consider questions such as the following: What are the most common research methods used in your discipline? Which methods are most strongly supported within your program and by your supervisor and supervisory committee members? What are the leading methodological debates within your discipline, particularly in relation to your research topic or problem? What methodological issues have been raised in recent research literature in your area? You need to be thoroughly acquainted with effective principles and practices of choosing research methods for your thesis or dissertation.

Be sure to discuss methodological questions and issues with your supervisor and committee in the early stages of your proposal development. Select and prepare your supervisory committee carefully.

Select faculty for your committee who are supportive of you and are willing to assist you in completing your research.

You want a committee that you can ask for help and know that they will provide it for you. Set up a formal meeting with your full committee to discuss your research proposal as soon as possible. Make sure that your supervisor and committee members are fully supportive of the project before you begin. The proposal meeting should be seen as an opportunity for you and your supervisory committee to reach agreement on the fundamental goals and procedures for your research.

Provide the committee members with a well—written proposal well in advance of meetings. Check with them to see how much time they will need to read the proposal. Plan the proposal meetings well. If graphic presentations are necessary to help the committee, make sure they are clear and attractive.

A well planned meeting will help your committee understand that you are prepared to move forward with well planned research. Depending on the amount of detail you included in your proposal, you may not need or want to repeat every point. However, you should not assume all your committee members read the proposal carefully, and you should be sure to cover all important facts and issues.

The major myth in writing a dissertation is that you start writing at Chapter One and write straight through.

This is seldom the case. The most productive approach in writing the dissertation is often to begin writing those parts of the dissertation with which you are most comfortable.

Then complete the various sections as you think of them. At some point you will be able to print and spread out in front of you all of the sections that you have written. You will be able to sequence them in the best order and to see what is missing and should be added to the dissertation. This approach builds on those aspects of your study that are of most interest to you at any particular time.

Go with what interests you, start your writing there, and then keep building! If you prepared a comprehensive proposal you will now be rewarded! Pull out the proposal and check your proposed plan. Change from future tense to past tense and then make additions or changes so that the methodology section truly reflects what you did. You have now been able to change sections from the proposal to sections for the dissertation. Move on to the Statement of the Problem and the Literature Review in the same manner.

Write your dissertation using the real names. At the end of the writing stage, you can make all of the appropriate name substitutions. If you make these substitutions too early it can confuse your writing. As you get involved in writing your dissertation, you will find that conservation of paper will fade as a concern.

As soon as you print a draft of a chapter, you will notice a variety of necessary changes, and before you know it, another draft will be printed. And, it seems almost impossible to throw away any of the drafts! After awhile, it can become difficult to remember which draft of your chapter you are looking at. Print each draft on a different color paper, or date the pages of each draft. Then, it will be easy to identify the latest draft. One area where I caution you about using a word processor is in the initial creation of elaborate graphs or tables.

So, the simple rule is to hand draw elaborate tables and graphs for the early draft of your dissertation.

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Aug 28,  · In your Master's thesis, you must answer the thesis question with conviction and clarity in the written presentation submitted to complete a Master's degree. Make sure that your question and the answers provided will provide original content to the body of research in existence%(52).

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They are adapted from the comprehensive document, “Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation” by Dr. S. Joseph Levine at Michigan State University. However, students need to be aware that procedures and expectations vary in different programs. When in doubt, always consult with your supervisor. If you do your “homework. If you want to know whether you will have to write a thesis to get a Master’s degree, it is vital for you to investigate your program of study, review your options, and figure out the best way for you to complete your Master’s degree.