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❶Accessed September 14, EO approaches fail to emphasise the strategic importance and value of diversity and equality, focusing on the operational processes and considering equality in terms of its cost implications rather than its organisational benefits Stankevich,

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Inclusion Diversity Equality Essay Sample

The other main teaching methods other than ICT I am opting to use are lecturers and demonstrations. These demonstrations are very important as it would show the students the beauty routine that we would expect them to follow within their practical sessions. This ensures that students will be working to the same standard and will also adhere to the requirements of the awarding body.

Practical sessions also help to explain difficult parts of the task when verbal exposition in not enough. I would also use group work activities, these particularly suit kinaesthetic learners but also when you have a group consisting of various abilities it allows both weak and strong learners to work collectively. Question and Answer sessions will be most commonly used in my tutorials.

At the start of the course the approach I will use to facilitate inclusive learning will be to carry out an initial assessment. This will help me identify what type of learners they are, I would then plan my teaching sessions to meet these individual needs by using a mix of visual, auditory, kinaesthetic teaching and learning strategies. The Equality Act outlines protective characteristics which promote equality within schools and colleges and prevent discrimination. This includes sexuality, sex, disability, marital status and religion.

In order to promote equality in my classroom I will need to respond positively to the diverse needs of all learners. As a teacher I would keep language simple so that if I have a learner from different backgrounds they may not have the same level of English as British learners. Resources used such as hand-outs, assignments and work sheets will also aim to promote equality and diversity.

For example I would produce worksheets in a gender free language and also aim to promote multiculturalism by producing scenario based worksheets that use names from various ethnic backgrounds.

I would also pace my sessions so students have plenty of time to take notes and ask any questions. It is not always possible for teachers to do this without support themselves. All teachers should be aware of the limits of their own responsibility and know when and where to access support for learners. Get to know and use your institutions student services or pastoral support system: The internal places of referral may include student support services, learner study support centre, and counselling and careers advice.

If I had a student for example who needed help with writing their essay I would arrange for them to go to the learner study support centre who would be able to assist Learners with learning difficulties or disabilities may need additional support and may need a designated support worker to support them within the classroom.

A learner with dyslexia may find it hard to read text or numbers or have difficulty with writing and spelling, therefore I would produce written hand-outs and allow learners with dyslexia to present their ideas verbally or tape notes if necessary. Political correctness is a commonly used term at the moment and is used to ensure that expressions do not cause offence to any particular group of people. This may include health related issues, family difficulties, poor attendance, or repeated challenging behaviour.

The purpose of referring a learner to an external support agency is to support an individual student and to help them overcome their difficulties which are impacting on their education. For example if I had a student who was constantly disruptive in class and had a record of aggressive behaviour I would refer them to the Pupil Referral Unit.

They would help and encourage the learner to be involved in the learning process, but in a smaller environment where they be in a much smaller group learners and also receive one-to-one support. Functional skills such as literacy, numeracy and ICT can be easily integrated into my lessons. These activities will meet both literacy and numeracy standards but are more easily understood by the learner.

An example of this would be an assignment covering salon duties. I would ask the students to produce a sales ledger for stock to be re-ordered from our supplier. This would include maths as the student would have to calculate the cost of goods and also the total value of the order, it would include English as the student needs to produce the document and ICT as the student would have to present it in a typed format.

The best way to establish ground rules with my learners is to negotiate them. The rules should be appropriate and fair and agreed as a whole class. As a teacher, I would establish ground rules during the first session, and plan a short activity around this.

The class could discuss what is expected of them and write the rules in small groups. I would also list a few ground rules and then negotiate them as a class. This gives all learners the opportunity to be included and involved and as they have decided on the rules they are also more likely to respect them. Once the rules have been established I would ask the learners to write them on some flipchart paper and hang them up in the class so that they are visible to all.

It is also important to reinforce the rules consistently and to phrase learners when rules have been adhered to. By looking at the rationale behind the Equality act I would like you to include in your answer how this piece of legislation influences your day to day work with young children. Please include reflective examples such as how you plan the physical environment to reflect diversity, including both the indoor and outdoor environment. Please also give examples of how you show inclusive practice in your interaction with children and their families and the impact this can have on how a child feels in relation to a sense of belonging and feeling valued in the setting.

Please make sure you reflect on the following when explaining roles and responsibilities and reflect on your own practice and procedures of the setting. Roles and responsibilities include: The following links may also be of some use when working through this unit: The question first appeared on Write My Essay.

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Equality and Diversity in Employment. (1) In analysis of the ‘Thirst Burst’ case study there are a number of different issues facing the company. First, Thirst Burst as a company, is in a high-pressure setting in trying to achieve its vision of becoming the UK’s largest retail juice outlet.

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Equality and diversity essay help Nvq 5 Equality and Diversity Essay Example for Free If so,Update 8pm ET Googles new Vice President of Diversity, organizations are relying on the same programs theyve been using since the s. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Words | 15 Pages. TDA Unit Equality, diversity & inclusion in work with children & young people [].In your setting, there is a range of policies which formally sets out guidelines and procedures for ensuring equality.

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Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access. Inclusion Diversity Equality Essay Sample. Performance Criteria (PC) 1. Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion Explain what is meant by i Diversity. This essay examines the key factors that influence inclusive learning and teaching in the lifelong learning sector. Teaching methods will vary according to what you want to get out of the session, what the learners are able to achieve within the time frame, what materials and resources are available, what you are teaching, the needs of the learners and your .