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Thus, if you are looking for a stable, long-term job, our website is a good option to consider. Our company offers several advantages to a freelance writer for hire.

First, we offer a wide range of orders on various topics. Assignments range from elementary 1-page informal writings to PhD dissertations.

Thus, you have an absolute freedom to pick the assignments that match your interests and qualification. Second, we offer payment release via PayPal, which is instant, safe, and trusted. You do not need to wait for days to receive your payment. In addition, our compensation rates are fair and truly competitive. While other websites rely on a bid system and assign orders to writers who request the lowest compensation, our compensation rates are fixed.

Second, there is no pressure on you to commit full 8 hours to work. You can take orders on your own schedule. Of course, we appreciate and value committed writers, those experts who are ready to help with urgent and difficult assignments. Such writers are given the top priority in their requests for assignments. We have very clear and yet strict rules on plagiarism. If you plagiarize, you are out of our team. We work with writers who produce original papers and respect our customers.

Plagiarism is not tolerated in any form. Our writers are paid for original works only. Similar rules apply to late submission of written papers. Deadlines are fixed and must be met. As our customers may need help with different academic papers, you can bid for an order according to your proficiency, experience, and availability for instance, if a time frame is tight.

You choose an assignment that suits you best, that you find interesting and challenging, and that also develops your professional skills. Anyway, most orders are quite challenging because customers need one-of-a-kind papers. All payments go through proven payment systems, for example PayPal. Therefore, you can receive your money as soon as possible when you finish the job and a customer approves it.

Besides, the price for an order depends only on you. You set a bid that you think is right according to your professional skills and work experience. Our policy states that we offer quality service. If we receive a complaint from a customer about a plagiarism issue, we may end our cooperation with that writer. As we mentioned above, you should pay attention to deadlines. You are a freelancer and you work whenever you want. But often customers need their papers as soon as possible, so you have to be ready to write fast and forget about your own business for a while.

Nevertheless, if you show you are a diligent writer, people will want to work with you again. You receive a payment only when a customer approves a paper. They may need revision to make some changes in case something is missing or a bit different from what was expected. However, a customer cannot add new requirements for revision. If that happens, you should let us know. If you are sure you followed all the requirements and a paper looks like it should, but a customer refuses to provide a payment, you should get in touch with us immediately.

We believe every argument can be solved peacefully. We will look into the matter to find out whether anybody is wrong, and do our best so that each side stayed satisfied. We have a comprehensive support team that can help you out if there is any trouble with using our service or website. Issues on registration, bidding, payment, etc. Our managers would be glad to see you through. Open Menu Close Menu. You can place an order whenever you want. All you need is to provide full information on your assignment and attach files if there is need.

Once your order is placed, writers are able to bid for it.

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Freelance Writing Service. Our company provides customers from English speaking countries with custom-written research papers and essays. To serve our customers, we collaborate with work with the best freelance writes online.

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Freelance Writing Company. For example, freelance writers enjoy the flexibility to work in your pajamas if you choose, not having to set your alarm clock, get a pay raise when you want to, no more calling in on sick days and more. Customer service is a big deal when it comes to writing for someone else. If you always produce your best.

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