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Right-click on a blank section of your slide and select "Format Background", or click the Design tab and the click the arrow icon next to "Background" on the far right. Choose your fill type. You can choose a solid color, a gradient fill, a picture background, or a pattern fill. Selecting each choice will display several options for it, such as fill color, picture location, gradient settings, and more.

Experiment until you find the background that fits your presentation. By default, the background will only be applied to your active slide.

Click the "Apply to All" button to apply your background choices to every slide. Make sure that your text is still easily readable with the background you choose. Adding pictures, diagrams, and other visual aids can help the audience grasp the ideas of your presentation and drive your point home. Images break up the monotony of text and help keep the audience from tuning out.

Click the Insert tab. There will be a large number of options when it comes to inserting objects. Click the Picture button to insert a picture from a file on your computer. You can click the Photo Album button to insert an entire album of photos into the slide as well.

Use the Charts button to insert easy-to-read charts that will help the audience understand your data. Once you choose your Chart type, Excel will open, allowing you to enter in your data or copy it from an existing spreadsheet. Use the Shapes button to insert pre-made shapes or dray your own. You can use the shapes to outline important text or create arrows and other visual indicators. Avoid drowning your presentation with pictures.

If it looks too busy, the audience will have a hard time parsing your written information. You can add links to your slides that will allow you to quickly access websites or email addresses. This can be especially useful if you are distributing the presentation and want people to be able to easily view related webpages or send you an email.

To add a link, place your cursor in a text box and then click the Hyperlink button on the Insert tab. You can choose to link to a file on your computer, a webpage, an email address, or even another slide in your presentation. You can add video files to your slides. This can be useful for reports or any other video file that may relate to your presentation.

The video file will play when the slide appears. See this guide to learn how. Keep the number of slides to a minimum. Extremely long presentations will bore your audience, even if they are obsessed with your subject matter. Choose a good font size. Presentations are designed to be read, otherwise it would just be a speech.

Make sure that your audience will be able to easily read what you have written. On a related note, make sure that your font choice is readable as well. Apply a consistent, subtle style. The best presentations are those that have a consistent, deliberate style. When in doubt, use one of the templates for a guide. Triple-check for spelling and grammar errors. If you misspell a word, you might not notice it, but someone in your audience will be sure to spot it.

A fresh set of eyes are much more likely to catch mistakes that you gloss over. The PowerPoint is only part of your presentation. The other part is you! Take some time and practice your talking points as well as moving through the slides. Work on your timing and ensure that each slide accurately sums up your talking points.

Make your own notes or memorize your presentation; reading off of your slides while you are giving your presentation is a big no-no. See this guide for more information on giving a successful presentation, either in class or at the office. It depends on the kind of diagram. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Use animation if you can.

Do research on current trends with the youth and use these to make your presentation more interesting. Pop culture references are great for this, relate your presentation to TV shows, movies, popular books, etc. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. Select a theme if possible. Doing so selects your template and creates your PowerPoint presentation. How long your PowerPoint presentation is.

How big your slides appear. The level of difficulty in crafting the presentation. None of the above. Understand how your title slide should appear. Contrary to the rest of your PowerPoint presentation, your title slide should be completely devoid of content other than the title and subtitle.

This is considered a professional must when creating a PowerPoint. Click the large text box in the middle of the first slide, then type in your title. Click the smaller text box below the title box, then type in the subtitle that you want to use. You can also just leave this box blank if you like. Rearrange the title text boxes. Place your mouse cursor over one of the edges of a title box, then click and drag the box around the slide to reposition it.

Click the Transitions tab. Doing so brings up a list of possible slide transition effects at the top of the page. Select a transition for your title slide. Click a transition you want to use to apply it to the slide. Placing your mouse over the transition will cause the slide to demonstrate what the transition will look like in practice. Part 2 Quiz What should your title page contain? Your title and an image to represent it. Your title and your name.

Your title and your subtitle. Click the Insert tab. A new toolbar will open near the top of the window. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu to appear. On a Mac, click the. Select a type of slide. In the drop-down menu, click one of the following to add it to your presentation: You can certainly add slides as you go, but adding a few slides up-front will give you an idea of the layout of the presentation as you progress through it.

Reposition your slides as needed. Naturally, the title slide should be the first slide in your presentation, meaning that it should be the top slide in the left-hand column. Part 3 Quiz What is the benefit of adding a few slides to your presentation before you begin adding content?

It will save you time later down the line. You can customize them in bulk. You will know exactly how long your presentation is. You will get an idea of the layout of your presentation. In the left-hand column of slide previews, click the slide that you want to edit. This will open the slide in the main presentation window. Look for a text box. If you selected a slide that has a text box, you can add text to the slide. Add text to the slide. Click the text box, then type as needed. Text boxes in PowerPoint will automatically format the bulk of your text for you e.

If necessary, select the text that you want to change, then click the Home tab and review your text formatting options in the "Font" section of the toolbar. If you want to change the size of the text, click the numbered drop-down box and then click a larger or smaller number based on whether you want to enlarge or shrink the text.

You can also change the color, bolding, italicization, underlining, and so on from here. Add photos to the slide. If you want to add a photo to your slide, click the Insert tab, then click Pictures in the toolbar and select a picture. Just like your title slide, you can move items around the slide by clicking and dragging them. Photos in particular can be enlarged or shrunk by clicking and dragging out or in one of their corners.

Repeat this for each slide in your presentation. Remember to keep slides uncluttered and relatively free of distractions. Part 4 Quiz How can you change the size of a photo? Double-click on the picture. Click "insert picture" and then hit "edit.

Click and drag the corners of the image. Insert the image into a new slide, then copy and paste. In the left-hand column of the PowerPoint window, click the slide to which you want to apply a transition. This will open the Transitions toolbar near the top of the window. Review the available transitions. Transitions make your slide pop up in an exciting, eye-drawing manner during your actual presentation; you can see the list of available transitions at the top of the window.

Click a transition at the top of the window to watch it run on your slide. Select a transition to use. Once you decide on a transition, click it to ensure that it is selected.

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