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The Great Homework Debate: Is Homework Helpful or Harmful to Students?

Yes! It is definitely helpful.

❶This talk with the administration will definitely make them think about the quantity of homework teachers assign to students.

Consequences for high school students

Working as hard as adults
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A class that lasts less than an hour only allows a very restricted amount of material to be covered, and students simply cannot absorb all the material in that time.

Many teachers chose to defend homework with the continual reminder that it will serve you well in the future. Although sometimes this reminder can be irritating, this is a valid point. Due to the fact very little material can be discussed with in the class, its critical that students can expand and further their knowledge at home. The more time available to review studied topics, the better the chances are for a student to actually understand and feel confident with what is being taught.

The completion of homework not only strengthens students abilities to be successful for further forms of education, but also provides you with skills that can be applied outside of educational purposes.

For example, time management is a craft that takes a long time to truly master, and homework requires the student to be able to accomplish assignments in the time given. Some teachers chose to focus on what is taught in class, rather than the emphasis on homework completion. When taking part in a class without homework, I find myself being sheltered beneath the teachers thoughts and ideas, rather than those of my own. One purpose for attending school day-in and day-out is to discover your own concepts and conclusions; homework allows for students to think without the constant guidance of their teacher in order to determine how they learn best.

If students can look past the thought of homework being a burden, then the future should appear bright for those who chose to take on such simple tasks. The purpose of homework is not to exclude you from the exciting world around you, but to teach how knowledge is applied to better our existence.

I really like the contrast between the two opinions. I think both of you have very valid points. I think assigning homework is necessary albeit I think teachers neglect to recognize that we have 5 other classes worth of homework to complete every evening.

One of my teachers often assigns homework every other night and gives us two days to complete it. I easily get frustrated with homework and do not complete it, then go to school and get yelled at and judged by my teachers when my excuse for not doing it is just as valid as the kid that lied about getting home too late.

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Gun control movement needs to grapple with racism. A writer in even likened homework to legalized criminality. Later studies show a variety of results.

A study on the effectiveness of homework concluded that homework positively influenced scholastic achievement. The study found that graded daily homework had the greatest impact among fourth and fifth-grade students. A study concluded that homework has non-scholastic benefits as well. Recorded homework sessions and interviews with students and parents showed that third-graders improved their skills in job management and time management when required to do homework. A study published in showed that students were less likely to participate in extracurricular activities and to cultivate critical life skills because of homework responsibilities.

Is Homework Harmful or Helpful? Quick Answer Homework has both positive and negative effects on students. Full Answer The debate over the effectiveness of homework is not new.

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I believe it can be both

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When homework is harmful. Alfie Kohn, author of The Homework Myth, is an outspoken critic of at-home assignments. “Homework is frequently the source of frustration, exhaustion, family conflicts, a lack of time for kids to pursue other interests and, perhaps most disturbingly, less excitement about learning,” he .

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Homework: a concept that everyone knows about. When they hear it, some cringe while others stand tall. Homework is a life changer for all students. It can help them prosper, or it can hinder them from achieving academic success. Is homework worth it? Is it worth the stress and anxiety most students have to feel accomplished? No, no it’s not.

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So, what is the answer – is homework helpful or harmful? Do we continue current practices or throw homework out altogether? A balanced perspective most likely is the best response. Oct 03,  · Homework must be corrected quickly or students get frustrated and lose interest. It can be too burdensome and stressful at times. Homework disturbs family life and prevents students from doing household chores. Parents or relatives may do the homework for the student. Students need time to relax, play and pursue sports and hobbies.

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Homework has both positive and negative effects on students. Whereas homework can help facilitate the learning process, this sometimes is only true if there is an adult or other teacher figure present. Some argue that assigning too much homework can cause physical health problems, social development issues and increased stress levels for students. Helpful and harmful. Helpful as it gives you more practice to reinforce things such as maths. Harmful because so many hours have been spent at school concentrating on work and teachers, it can seem like extra after school is just overkill.