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3 Rules For Capitalization on Resumes

❶Tweeting on Twitter is my favorite. Words Commonly Used Incorrectly The following is a short list of commonly misused words.

2. Avoid Spelling or Grammar Errors

Action Verbs
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I recruit within the manufacturing section. And I know I am not alone. My circle of professional contacts includes dozens of human resources leaders, hiring managers and fellow recruiters. We chat about stuff like this over drinks. Wild ones, we are.

If these decision makers are bothered enough by grammatical issues including misuse of capitalization , guess what? And that is a big, stupid bummer. Take a peek at your resume and ask yourself, "Am I a capitalization overuser?

Just please, pretty please, make the corrections before you send even one more out. You may also wish to confer with The Associated Press style book. Long considered the grammatical bible of journalists and other media types, The AP style book provides hundreds of grammatical rules, examples and guidelines that will help you navigate your way to a spectacular, accurate and consistent looking resumes. Need quick, professional help with your resume?

Both resources are designed to take you step-by-step through our proven resume development process, quickly. Ridiculously Awesome Resume Service. I am too tired to write my resume.

For a helpful guide to commonly misused words, Oxford Dictionaries provides a list at: Another option is to conduct an online search for "commonly confused words" and you will find plenty of results to choose from. Words, formatting, and grammar should be parallel.

That is, they should be consistent. If you have a list of bolded achievements and the first one begins with an action verb, every item in your list should begin with an action verb. If you begin with a noun or noun phrase, all items in the list should begin with a noun or noun phrase. Similarly, you should keep your writing parallel within your sentence structure.

Use of adjectives and nouns must be parallel in structure. Consider the following examples:. Sentence fragments lack a noun or verb to make a sentence complete.

Sentence fragments are often used in resume writing. Fragments end up in resumes as a result of the "telegraphic" style of writing. Again, be consistent in your writing style, and fragments will not stand out or seem inappropriate in the resume as they do in other forms of writing.

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Skip to Main Content. For Employers For Universities Cart. How to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes. Basic Guidelines What rules can be broken, and which ones should not?

Action Verbs Begin your sentences with action verbs when describing your experience. Both keywords and action verbs may be combined into the same sentence, such as: Active Versus Passive Voice The active voice shows the subject of the sentence doing the action, as opposed to an action being done upon the subject. Consider the following example: The bone was eaten by the dog.

Written in the active voice, the sentence reads: First Person Most resumes are written in first person but without actually using "I. For example, you might write: This would then be changed to: Begin with your action and then show the result. Tense Remain consistent with your use of tense past, present, or future.

Use of Articles Articles are "a," "an," and "the" and should be omitted when possible. Punctuation Punctuation exists to make reading easier. The serial comma is used following the last item in a list, as in the following sentence: She went to the store to buy bananas, apples, bread, cheese, and milk. The serial comma is the one preceding the word "and.

Those who support the use of the serial comma argue that it helps prevent ambiguity, particularly if the list contains grouped items that require the use of "and" as in the following example: His collection of photographs included prints, slides, black and white, and color. Capitalization Proper nouns and names should be capitalized, such as the names of schools and universities. Numbers and Figures How numbers should be presented is another topic of debate.

Typos and Misspelled Words What you do not want to be consistent with is typos and misspelled words. Words Commonly Used Incorrectly The following is a short list of commonly misused words.

Utilize "Utilized" means use. Whose resume is it? It is your turn. Parallel Structure Words, formatting, and grammar should be parallel. Consider the following examples: The program was motivat ing and thrill ing. The program was motivating and a thrill. Sentence Fragments Sentence fragments lack a noun or verb to make a sentence complete. Oversaw all aspects of inventory control. The preceding statement is a fragment because it is missing the subject "I" at the beginning.

Maintained personnel and public safety. In cases where it is used as a title it may be appropriate to use a capital letter. With the sentence "We are expecting a visit by Astronaut Aldrin" the word becomes a title for the person and can be capitalized.

No, because it is n ot a proper nou n. It is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun Example: Should the word tweet be capitalized? No, it can be used in different ways, but none of which need to be capitalized. It is also usually a verb, not a noun. The bird said tweet tweet tweet.

Today, I went and left a new tweet on Twitter. I tweeted all about that yesterday. The morning was full of sweet tweeting sounds. The only exceptions would be the beginning of a sentence, or if it is an actual proper noun. Tweeting on Twitter is my favorite. Sylvester always wants to catch Tweety Bird.

I went to the new shoe store the other day. It is called Tweet Feet. The new Tweet Mapper program is interesting. Should the word magnetism be capitalized? It should only be capitalized if it is the beginning of a sentence, if is part of a proper noun, or if it is a word in the title of a book, article, movie, story, etc. Should the word capitalism be capitalized? Yep, since Capitalism is the name of an economic system, so it is a noun which is capitalized in a sentence.

Should the word military be capitalized? Should the word nucleus be capitalized? Should the word ministry be capitalized? At the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun or when it is used in the title. Word for the World Christian Ministry. Should the word Colllege be capitalized? On its own, no. Following the name of a specific college, yes. I am going to attend college next fall. I am considering Columbia College as one of my choices. Should Resume - as in a Resume for job applications - always have a capital R when it is written?

Should the word gauchos be capitalized? The word gauchos is Spanish for cowboys. If you are using it in that sense - "Los gauchos cabalgaban los caballos", or "The cowboys rode the horses" - then no, it does not need to be capitalized. However, Gauchos can also be used to describe a specific group of people from the South American region.

In this case, it should be capitalized, just as Southerners is capitalized when speaking of people living in the Southern United States. Should the word Baptist be capitalized? Almost always, as it is a religion. There are very limited instances where it would not be. Should the word is be capitalized in a title? No, because it is fewer than five letters but if it is the first or last word of the title then it is capitalized.

When should you capitalize the word foreign? Should the word army be capitalized? Yes because it is a name of a specific military element.

Do You Capitalize the Name of a Degree Program?

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Overuse of capitalization makes a resume difficult to read, not to mention it looks plain silly. Many people scoff at articles like this, dismissing the advice with a “things like that don’t matter,” attitude.

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3 Rules For Capitalization on Resumes Written by giammatteo on May 27, in Blog, Careers, resume tips, Resumes, Uncategorized with 0 Comments I wrote a post a few months ago about “What To Capitalize on a Resume,” but from the number of emails I receive it’s obvious I didn’t go into enough detail.

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There are rules for capitalization. Resumes and cover letters that follow the rules correctly are easier to read and allow the reader to focus on the candidate’s experiences and qualifications, not their understanding of grammar or punctuation. The basic capitalization rules are: Capitalize the first word of a sentence. Even short sentences. The first word in a sentence should be capitalized. Formal names and proper nouns should be capitalized. The months and days of the week should be capitalized. Your university should be capitalized. Your employer and past employers' names should be capitalized. Titles, when before a name, should be capitalized (e.g. "Mayor Joe Location: 3 Monroe Parkway, Suite P Lake Oswego, OR, United States.

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3 Rules For Capitalization on Resumes. I wrote a post a few months ago about “What To Capitalize on a Resume,” but from the number of emails I receive it’s obvious I didn’t go into enough detail. In this post, I’ll cover a few of the rules for capitalization, and we’ll go into more detail on each of them. 20 Basic Resume Writing Rules That'll Put You Ahead of the Competition. by. (maybe capitalized) and each job title bolded. Make your life easier by using a template. Keep it Consistent WANT AN EXPERT TO HELP YOU PERFECT THE RESUME and get you way ahead of the competition? Speak to a Resume Coach Today.