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❶Lisa holds an M. Keep in mind that not all gaps need to be mentioned.

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Employment Gaps Due to Disability
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In fact, taking time off to heal can show signs of:. Still, employers will always wonder why there is a gap on a chronological resume. Depending on the extent of an illness, it may be possible to fill these openings without having to cover the truth. If you were not employed full time during a long-term illness, there are many other activities that you may be able to highlight on a resume to show activity and skill development, such as:.

The chronological resume is typically a common option for individuals who are trying to lay out a progressive description of their career. However, if an individual was out for years due to an illness or disability, these gaps may just feel too glaring to both the job seeker and the employer.

Fortunately, there is another option: The functional resume will focus more on skills, experience, education and overall qualities rather than the progressive timeline of a career. Many individuals who have recovered from a serious illness that kept them from working may fear that employers will question their ability to hold a job in the future.

If this is a concern, it may be appropriate to address your capability not on the resume, but rather within a cover letter. It is perfectly fine to keep the circumstances of an illness private , but job seekers who want to display confidence and drive may choose to focus on how the experience helped them grow. Disability- or health-related gaps, are best explained during an interview to reduce the possibility of discrimination or needless concern by an employer about your ability to return to work.

To learn more about disclosing your disability, check out Disclosure: Gaps in a resume are less of an issue if you can demonstrate relevant or current work experience, including volunteer work.

Some gaps are trickier to explain than others. These include periods of unemployment, which may or may not be health- or disability-related. In an interview, an explanation is always better than simply ignoring them. Having an explanation will help avoid leaving employers to draw their own conclusions. Take the time to practice your response to, "What were you doing during this time off or between jobs? Here are a couple of examples:.

A well-thought-out response may also boost your confidence and ability to answer any difficult questions with ease. Remember to keep a positive attitude when writing your resume or during a job interview. You are looking for your dream job and need a resume? My Perfect Resume is your solution and takes the hassle out of resume writing. Create the perfect job-worthy resume effortlessly in just a few clicks! Build a Resume Now. Cared for clients with chronic and acute health problems such as asthma, copd and medical conditions including Dementia, Diabetes, and Cancer.

Utilized strong assessment skills to determine necessary client care and assisted with daily function. Provided rehabilitation techniques in daily living skills to help return patient to prior level of functional ability.

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Should You Disclose a Disability on Your Resume? According to U.S. Census data, nearly 57 million Americans have some type of disability. The US Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy reports that the unemployment rate for adults with disabilities was 15 percent, 72 percent higher than the percent .

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How to Deal with Employment Gaps on Resume (Examples Included) By ZipJob Team on January 17, Categories. That can help to cover short gaps. Consider this gap, for instance: November, – June, , Acme Coyote Supply. We wrote a good post here on how to deal with employments gaps on your resume due to a disability. Find the best Disability Support Worker resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes.

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If you explain these gaps up front, an employer may be less likely to dismiss your resume. Disability- or health-related gaps, are best explained during an interview to reduce the possibility of discrimination or needless concern by an employer about your ability to return to work. You can call the Ticket to Work Help Line at You can format your resume to minimize the visibility of gaps in your employment history. For example, you can put the dates in plain font instead of bold. Or, you can use a smaller font than the one you're using for the company name and your job title.