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❶LP Louise Pena May 17,

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Just wanted to point out that when I clicked http: I have several comments here. First thank you for this list. Second if anyone on her wants to be a part of my book blog tour and do reviews they can email me at mysticalevents.

Third I want to be a part of the indie authors list. Do I approach the reviewers or do I request through you? My book is non fiction paranormal ebook. Thanks for the kinds words. To get on the Indie Authors List, as it says, you need at least 1 three star review from one of the reviewers listed on the Indie Reviewers List.

If you have this, then head over to the Join menu on the right side bar. Best of luck, Simon. They post a review every week or two. I also have about 15 reviewers to add. Never enough time in a day…. What a great site! I am in a quandary; as a self-published indie writer, like many of us denied by Big House publishers who do not want to take chances , I am in search of reviewers.

My book is fiction; black market antiquities traders in s Italy. It has all the elements—love, hate, duplicity, revenge, murder, infidelity and contains the history of Etruscans and early inhabitants of pre-Roman Italy to set up the reader for the grave goods found in cities of the dead. It is an exciting read from all reports, and I would be very happy if a reviewer on this esteemed list would offer to take a read and comment. Hi Anita, thanks for the compliment.

Your book sounds very interesting, however, waiting for reviewers to contact you for a review is setting yourself up for a very long wait.

Most, if not all, of the reviewers on this list have a TBR queue that is longer than the River Nile and none, to my knowledge, have ever written an author asking to review their book. If you want reviews I suggest you start emailing, personally, each of the reviewers who are likely to accept.

Read their submissions guidelines carefully and then write about 30 emails. Address each personally and mention the reviewers site personally — an impersonal mail merge is NOT going to stand out enough for a reviewer to accept.

Just to let you know. Hi Catherine, Thanks for pointing that out. They solicit your email address and your joining their newsletter. Then they ask you to confirm by clicking a link to an incoming email that invites you to join a contest to win 1 million euros.

Sounds spammy to me and I backed out. James, I checked out the link as it is in the database and I subscribed to the newsletter. I got a totally legitimate email and link back.

No lotteries or scams. Probably you have a redirect virus or worm happening within your own system. My listing only says I post to my blog but I post to Amazon and Goodreads as well as a matter of course, other sites on request. Would you mind updating for me?

Information is taken from the submissions page on your blog — however will update for you on the weekend. I filled out the form a while ago maybe a week? I do book reviews for Indie and Self-Published authors http: Please add me to the list! We do fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror. You have been listed and an email sent to you asking you to check your listing — suggest a peek at your spam folder. Meanwhile, type Maria in the search box: I am grateful for a list of vetted reviewers.

I wrote Sunday book reviews for the Des Moines Register in a previous incarnation and had a book review column in a regional mag. I love reviewing sometimes more than writing my own books and realize just how important it is to have sites where readers can trust reviewers to steer them away from poorly written books. I review science fiction, fantasy, chic lit, anything with an amusing plot line. I do not review anything with excessive violence, sex etc.

Thank you so much for doing this. One of the challenges with the list is the speed with which reviewers come and go, and the speed with which their TBR queues fill up. Thanks for the notice, Stan. Just to let you know, Allie is no longer reviewing books, either. Hi, I have a new blog for reviewing books focus on Indie and short fiction. I filled out the form to be added a while ago, and I wondered how long it took to be added to the list. No fixed time on that it depends purely on when time is available.

Usually we wait till we have a block of ten to add which is now and then update. Soon and thanks for your patience. Marina Scott, Writing Unhooked, appears to be deleted by the authors and I did a Google search of the blog name to see if it maybe moved, but no dice. Just trying to help curate.

It was a random first click. Thanks for adding me! Right now, you have me listed as only posting to my blog.

Sandra Gardner sandywritesbooks gmail. We do not have any influence over what reviewers read and review. All we do is list where they are. The best way to get your book reviewed is to find those on the indie reviewers list who might want to review your book by writing to them and asking them. This list is incredibly useful. Thank you so much for compiling it and sharing it with us indie authors. That being said, I approached http: Needless to say, I politely declined their invitation.

And thank you again so very much for the obvious time, effort, and attention you put to this. Hi, just stepping into this… have set up a review blog for bizarro only. Would you mind including http: Please fill out the form to request this. Hi, I cannot thank you enough. Literally within minutes of applying to one of the reviewers listed I got an offer to review my 4-book series! Now this might be for several reasons, but I would like to think that this reviewer liked the look of them.

Thank you so much for this list, its biggest strength is its currency. I am an indie author and would love to put my book in the hands of a reputable e-book reviewer. Any suggestions or tips? Many thanks for your time. The definition of reputable may be open for interpretation, but all of those on this list appear to be. If anyone finds that not to be the case, let us know.

Each reviewer has different submission policies, but you can search the list for those that seem to be a good fit for genre or accept all and follow their guidelines or policy which is linked in the list. First, thank you for the great and very helpful list! Thanks for the suggestion, Karen. At a minimum, if some links are opening to another tab I should be able to get them all to do that. Another excellent review site for your lists. Thanks for taking the time to compile all these sites together in one place.

The genres accepted are now as follows: I knew about Red Adept and should have caught that before now. Sorry, just also noticed that the link to the review guidelines is out of date for Tomes of the Soul. The static page is now: Thanks for the info, but I fear that much of it is already out of date. I expect that most if not all are swamped with requests, but many seem to have quit reviewing altogether for some time!

I can guarantee most, if not all, are swamped. No reviewer will be able to review every book submitted or will be interested in reviewing every book where they receive an inquiry, depending on their submission policy. Hi, Sorry to be a downer but we are no longer accepting books for review. It became too much too quick so we shut our site down. Please delete my listing so no one gets confused. I have just signed up to the indie list and I am accepting all genres of books to review.

Please send an email to shaniquaharris32 gmail. If for what ever reason I stop reviewing books I doubt this would happen but if it does I will contact all of the authors on my email list to let you know.

Thank you for reading this and look forward to working with you in the near future. I just wanted to thank you for this site—it is a gold mine of review opportunities for Indie authors that are trying to get out there. My book review blog is one of the Indie reviewer blogs on your list—for which I am greatly appreciative. However, I would like to update the categories that I am currently reviewing. How do I do about this?

The best way would be to email admin theindieview. You could also just put it here. Be sure to include the name of your site as it appears in the listings. Hi Guys, amazing work here. Hope to have another reply as soon as I get reviewed. I would love a book review from you! My number one book is a pre-teen read, beginning with grade 4, but even adults love it.

It is a magical bubblegum adventure through several fun, delicious and hilarious mishaps. I have included the smashwords link where I offer it free of charge. This is a list of reviewers that you can potentially submit your book to for a review. Just to let you know that for the time being I am not accepting review requests for the enovella review. On Sep, TC Booked Up was stating that she was not accepting new books for review for an unspecified period due to back-log.

Have been through the first names. How do I access the remaining ? To go to the next or back to the previous use the little buttons with arrows just below the bottom right corner of the table displayed. Thanks for your suggestions as well. This was something on my list of changes I was considering and your comment validates my thinking on the need for that change. Thanks for letting me know. I run There for You.

I have asked twice without a response as to whether or not it is possible to access the names of the reviewers in addition to the available on this Website. I have been through the list of and have found it very useful. Also would appreciate knowing what other lists are available regarding the romance, literary and general fiction genre and what category-genre contemporary love stories are assumed to be in.

Received a duplicate notice when asking for names of remaining reviewers on the list in addition to the first Is this message getting through to you?

If you could please change that? I wanted to make sure I was at the correct website. I am trying to have my books reviewed and hopefully to deliver more traffic to my website or possible book purchases. Please let me know if I am in the wrong site. John, the page you were on contains a list of reviewers who meet specific qualifications or at least did when added to the list.

It is up to you to look at the list, find those who based on the information we give appear to be a good fit for your book most listings have genre preferences , and look at their submission page for additional information and details and, if all looks well, follow their submission policy.

One thing I should note is that book blogs are constantly closing and then reopening for submission. Different blogs have different policies. If you or any author or reviewer reading this is interested in doing an interview email me at admin theindieview. I am an artist working on an ebook on the internet everyday since 3rd September I have been working quite passionately on it, so I am looking for indie ebook reviewers to perhaps review my humble blog.

All Book Reviews; dailyebookreviews. One of them darksideofthecovers tried to open up, but my virus detector cut it off part way. I deleted the first three. I am a writer and independent publisher. I encouraged writers of all ages to publish works written for children and am looking for reviewers to review some books. I notice that some reviewers mention that they review all genres, some mention young adult, and yet others mention the various genres that they prefer.

If so, I would like to submit these books for review. By the way, I must say that this is a great list to have online. It makes life so easy for indies like us. Are there any reviewers who would be interested in reviewing books written for or by children?

Please let me know via email. Novella, you need to look over the list yourself and contact each reviewer that looks like a possibility. We only maintain the list. Hi Simon, This is brilliant. Do you want me to mark which ones to let you know? Also the when I click to any of the sites and come back, I wind up on page 1 of the site. Just comment here or email admin theindieview. Hi Simon, Just want to let you know I am going through this and will write you with the results of who is no longer doing reviews.

When reload it I have to find where I left off which gets to be kind of a pain. Can you give me an example of the last thing you mentioned? Please review my book. Mike, you need to contact the reviewers on this list that appear to be a good fit for your book individually. Their requirements for getting reviewed vary, so follow the link to their submission policy to determine which might potentially review your book and how to go about submitting your book for review to each.

This list is incredible. Someone posted your site on Twitter for me. Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource for indie authors!

We are now accepting YA Christian fiction at our new review blog! My husband and I do everything ourselves from creating the products to designing our web sites so any outside help is greatly appreciated. Great list of book reviewers. Getting someone to review your book in a timely manner is sometimes a uphill battle. Hopefully some of these reviewers will consider my book. Thank you so much for the list. What a wonderful job you are doing!

I just wanted to let you know that you are truly appreciated. When I came across your site, my book review prayers were answered. Have a wonderful weekend. Camille Link to Amazon: A fantastic list but I am overwhelmed by the numbers. And still they grow! On saying that, would any reviewer out there like to have a crack at it? It might be challenging. Thanks for the great site. Have had a browse and found a couple of reviewers who might be interested.

Thanks again for the great site. Spet the past four hours going through all , filtering for genre, availability and posting to Amazon my desired launchpad , etc. Karl, posting this here is unlikely to get attention. Going through the reviewer list and contacting those who appear to be a good fit for you book is more likely to bear fruit.

Great job with the list!! How could I change that? Shamira, I need to catch up submissions to the list for the last week or two, which should happen in the next few days. Hi, I hate having to bother you again — so sorry! You have a million messages all saying much the same — thank you for the list.

But let me add mine — thank you. Just wanted to update you and say that the Bookish Brunette is NOT accepting review requests right now.

That would be close to impossible to do and could change often. Just letting you know SpunkyReads Reviews is now being changed up. So you can delete the info you have up for it currently. Will let you know about the new info! I am completely lost. I am trying to get onto a page that will tell me how to register my books for review.

I clicked on reviewers list but see nothing about listing my books. Am I missing something or what? Please help an ignoramus. Hi, OneTitle Reviews and Bronsen Earl have confirmed they will review, but after two months, no response at all. I appreciate their time is best spent reviewing, not e-mailing, but some progress report would be helpfull. Afterall, if they decide not to review, how will I know? AGB, the short answer is yes.

It will narrow what is shown down to those that have that term in their listing. If anyone is interested in free reviews, interviews, or guest blogging to gain more exposure e-mail me kntownsend gmail. Feel free to add me to your list for free reviews.

I am no longer accepting book reviews and will eventually be deleting my blog after I have fulfilled all my review requests. Can you please delete my blog, A Bit of Dash, from the list? Hi Simon I recently started posted my review on Goodreads and Amazon, could you update my reviewer listing to reflect this please?

I will absolutely add a link to your website and would love it if you could add my blog to the list. Krista, could you fill out the form linked at the top of the page or click this http: Oh yeah, following the simple directions, that would have been good. I got distracted by the shiny comments. At least I cant see any and no way to submit books either. Looks like just his own books are on there. I have sent in the form for our site and wanted to let you know that I have already posted the link to your site on the book reviews listing page.

It is good to share the love! We are fairly prolific we seem to have been meeting our goal of a minimum once per week since there are three of us who review , so it would be great if we could go on the prolific list. Go ahead and assume that we will be prolific. I promise to get back to you if we start to falter! I think we will actually be able to keep up now that the site is fully settled. Hi all, My publisher is Books We Love and they are an independent Canadian publisher, so I guess that makes me indie too.

Why are ebooks required? A reviewer who is unable to accept an ebook is not appropriate for the list. Review policy page moved: Bitchy Book Blog, My Life. The review policy link for GA Bixler Reviews goes to a different site.

First words is only to invited readers only. Jennifer, thank you so much for this list. Where have you been all my life? This is by far the best book blogger list I have come across in two years. I will be telling as many as I can about this site. Again, thank you so much. Am I missing something on the following page? Hillary, although a large part of the blog is about knitting, she also does book reviews.

Currently the 2nd or 3rd oldest post is a book review and her submission page was updated roughly a month ago. Hi all, A fantastic list: Mason Adventures in the Mystical Kingdoms. Mason and Ava found themselves in the middle of a land that they never knew it existed.

But even though he won respect of many, Mason is in big danger as El Magico is looking for him. I wanted to share with you a site which is designed to offer free advertising to self-published authors, as well as bloggers and small businesses related to indie entertainment: Keep up the good work! Alright just submitted my blog Book N Tech not website I attached but the book part is new. I had a book blog The Fireplace I submitted but that I killed. Just want to thank you for adding me to the reviewers list.

Amazing insight on some truly inspirational people. The book is an excellent primer for anyone seeking to do business. Thank you for the great list of websites that do reviews for indie authors like me. It is extremely important for any new author to get a constructive feedback, about his new book, so once again, thank you for the effort to put up the extensive list! Thanks so much for compiling this list.

It has been a great help. Thanks to all these wonderful Indie reviewers. I agree, that it is better opening in a new tab and began setting new entries up that way. I need to go back through the older ones and fix them too. Thanks for the reminder. Bloggerbookreview is the 1 resource for book reviews. I recently co-authored a book with many other educators and was interested in submitting it for a review.

I could send an eBook or a hard copy. Thank you for your help. Could my listing be removed? So after opening up to your site, I downloaded all 40 pages — but there are just a few reviewers listed at the outset, with the balance of the pages devoted to back and forth comments. Can you please help me? How do I connect to get the list? Thank you very much.

At the bottom right of the table are previous and next links to page forward and backward in the table. Is it possible to get my e.

It is a fusion of imagination with knowledge dealing with cancer,youthful life, and death. Anybody interested in covering this subject matter I would like to hear from.

Can my listing be removed? I am unfortunately stopping my reviewing — I no longer have the time to commit to reading each week. Hello, do you review audiobooks as well as e books? If not, could you suggest a good site to have reviews done on audiobooks? Alicen, we do do reviews here at all, only maintain a list of other sites that do. Been a long time the site is looking great.

I added myself again as the site and all had changed a bit. Hope that is ok. Thank you immensely for this site. I will no longer be running My Holistic Soul.

Current book reviews will be transferred to a new site which has no submission page. If we set up a submission page I will re-apply with that site for a listing. Could you remove IndieHeart from the prolific reviewers list? We have been unable to keep up with a review a week for the past few months as we were previously able to do. We would like to stay on the regular reviewers list. You can, of course, continue to add your reviews to the latest reviews list. Mahak, to be added to the list fill out the form.

The page to do so is linked from the first sentence of the page you commented on. On your next update would you kindly remove my site Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink from the list? Due to an increase in workload as a freelance writer and determination to write more of my own fiction, I am no longer able to dedicate so much time to reviewing books.

You can either post in the comments here or send an email to admin theindieview. The web site does not load. Could you please take my Book N Tech down temporarily due to high traffic? We are only able to access the first page of review sites 10 sites. Is there something wrong, or are we doing something wrong? One thing to do to make it less irritating would be to change the display to show entries the drop-down above the top left of the table.

Is this for real? I hope no one actually paid this! It seems to me that Wanderlust is a charge only site.

I do weekly reviews of Indie books on my two blogs plus place them on Amazon and or Goodreads. There is no charge for this service. I would appreciate anyone that is willing to follow my blogs. A very good article. Allow two or three days to read most books. Try Chiliad by Simon Otius, on unhappened [dot] com. Not for everybody, in fact almost for nobody.

I seek fair reviews that can be posted on goodreads, amazon,l createspace and other websites. If interested in giving me this fair stuff write to me at writa yahoo.

The books to be sent will be in kindle or pdf versions only. Thank you for you co-operations. Please spread the word. Is there a waiting period, or does it automatically show up on the list? I looked and saw your submission and will add it tonight if everything is in order. I am humbly requesting for a review of a fiction book that is available from both CreateSpace for print and Amazon for kindle by your readers.

Reviews can be posted among others on amazon, googlebooks, shelfari or goodreads to name but a few. The story is of love without sex scenes. I am most at liberty to send it as a kindle or pdf version.

Simon, please remove my listing as a reviewer. Family circumstances have created the need for me to let go of some things, and this is one of those things. Sorry to hear about your situation. I organise virtual book tours for author and we are always on the look out for reviewers. If anyone is interested in being a host and taking time to read and review for us, please pop by our book tour site at http: The little bear in the story was made with a crooked nose and mouth, and no one wants to take him home from the store.

He knows it will have to be someone very special who would accept him just the way he is.. Near the end of the day, a little girl comes in and sees him. Her Mommie looks and sees that the little bear has a crooked smiled — just like her little girl.

She buys him for her, and the little bear hears the child say.. He is just perfect. Would love it if you could help me figure out a way to get the word out on my book. Tate Publishing is my publisher, and it is on their website for sale, and also Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. I wrote it for children who are scarred, or who feel scarred in any way, or who may feel unloved or unwanted …. I do have a Facebook page you can access for the book called …. Barbra G … be careful how you spell Barbra.

Please, at least, visit it and Like it for me. I have written a book called New Beginnings and was wanting to get some reviews of it. Just leave a comment and I will get in touch with you. I also have all formats. Nowinsky whose email address is kntownsend gmail. Could you rem0ve IndieHeart. Thank you for compiling this list. Sure some of the links are dead but hunting down all these individually would have taken much longer. Is there a way we can update our information?

Thank you so much for this website — it helped me as a book reviewer so much. Life has changed for me and I am no longer doing reviews.

Please remove me from the list. Can you update mine please? What am I missing? Hi Admin, I just made a new site and my reviews will be there instead.

I have already sent you the information in an email. I would love to get reviewed. Please check out my book: If possible I would like added to your list. I prefer fantasy, horror, and science fiction, but I am willing to read and review any type of novel.

Kris, there is a link on this page that takes you to a form to fill out to request to be added. Please fill that out. I would love to see a list somewhere of reviewers who review non-fiction self-help books or awareness raising books? I am searching all over the internet and their are literally about I regret to inform the writers that have been sending me request for book reviews that I no longer accept them.

As promised in one of my post I am writing this to inform all writers that even though, I enjoyed writing reviews due to personal reasons I must stop. Thank you for the trust I was given by the writers and the chance to improve my writing skills. I wish to report that the reviewer at the site called Sparkin Arkie, Dm. It should be brought to your attention, as far as I can tell. Elizabeth Marie Enchanted Scroll is no longer reviewing books.

Same with Elizabeth Marie Enchanted Read. May be the same person. Joe Ducie Cedar Sky Publishing. Have you ever thought about writing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I know my subscribers would appreciate your work.

Just bear this in mind that getting a review has become really a challenge. Try maybe 10 at most, see the lack of response you get, and move on to more gainful ways of spending your time. OTOH I have also found a few reviewers and did get a small number of reviews for a couple of my books.

I would like to have my new novel, Lightning Flight! My book was published by Friesen Press in August Thought you might like to know which ones. Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain. There was a mistake with my submission to this list as it does not list the genres I will review.

Romance Erotica Non-Fiction And please no books with heavy use of foul language. I will reply to every submission and if I review your book the review will be posted to my site, Amazon, and Goodreads at a minimum.

I am a new author and am interested in having my book reviewed. I have yet to find a reviewer who is available. Depending on how the rules of submission for a site works, it is common for that status to be constantly changing.

Sachin, this site does review books. However, each of the sites listed on this page does. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this incredible resource. I did notice a comment from roughly a month ago advising indie authors not to bother submitting requests to as many relevant reviewers as possible — instead to send 10 or so and not to bother continuing if you do not receive acceptances. I have to say, I wholeheartedly disagree. Requesting reviews from a random 10 out of potentially over a hundred relevant bloggers seems counterproductive to me as well.

You could be and probably are weeding out those reviewers that may have just been the right reviewers for your book, by random selection. Just my two cents! I joined theindiereview several years ago, when my blog was first getting started. However, I now do not fit the criteria for being an indie reviewer.

I currently work in publishing and professional reviewing which means I do accept monetary compensation for certain reviews. I also can no longer accept digital review copies. I was trying to find a contact email for you, but could not find one listed. I am still receiving review requests from authors who have found me through this list on a regular basis, and I feel terrible having to turn them down.

If you could remove me from the list that would be great. Thanks so much, and this really is such a great site and resource for the literary minded! It links directly back to the site. Since so many indie authors visit my blog, I wanted them to be able to get connected with this site!

Thank you so much for your sweet information. This is a really nice and helpful list. Is that allowed here? She seems to have turned it into a fashion site now..

This site is no longer accepting reviews: The review form at The Bearded Scribe has been disabled. I think this means they are no longer accepting submissions. The one charging is: Maybe other authors would agree. Thanks for the comment. I and all your peers coming behind you looking for reviewers appreciate it. The others you listed appear to be a different situation. But in these cases, the situation appears to be active bloggers who have temporarily closed to submission.

Opening and closing submissions is a normal course of events for most blogs. I think Reading Bifrost should be taken down. The Pankhearst Review is deceased.

If any of the guests on your blog would like to review it, I will provide a free copy. Hello and I hope this finds you well….. I would like to amend my review genre to make it read.. I find with added clients I can not do justice to those requesting reviews of books over 30 to 40 pages. PS I am assuming you are the administrator who does this as I have not been able to change it myself.

I just had to say thank you. I am a nonfiction, indie writer. I have spent many hours trying to find bloggers, over the past week. This is totally absolutely THE best list I have found. I have been through it from page 1, to the very end. I have been to so many other listings but this rates top in terms of identifying potential bloggers , active sites etc.

I must say this a fantastic list, but I wonder what will be the response since most book reviewers are normally busy-bees. Hello Simon, Thanks for the great list! She gives a definition for Indie books but then gives a link for independent authors to get on a review list. That link is looking for reviewers some paid in fact and does not contain any information on getting your book reviewed or getting your book on a review list.

I am self published, not traditionally published. I agree that Indie authors should conform to the same standards as the big name professional publishing houses. It seems to me this is the premise that Mrs. What am I missing or misunderstanding? Thanks for your help! Regards, Noel Thomas Fiems.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It appears this is a change to her policy. The first part referring indies to the Awesome Indies site to submit for review might be okay as it appears she does post reviews of indie books on her site as well as the Awesome Indies site when a book is reviewed. However, the Awesome Indies submission process is problematic. As you point out, there is a charge involved.

It can be argued that their fee is not for the review in fact, they do say that , however, I always try to err on the side of not including in the list in these situations. All these sites require payment to list your book with them. Thanks for your time! How do we get our listing removed or edited? DED, one way the best, quickest and easiest is to email admin at theindieview. However, this way can work, too. Thanks for making the switch. I submitted my information to be added to the reviewers list a few days ago.

How long does it take to post? Or at least hear back? For Indies By Indies. Our greatest revenge is success. It could also show people who view all, however, being specific would save a whole lot of time and effort that is needlessly wasted.

The list, if it could be defined, would be very long. For example, some romance blogs are interested or not depending on how spicy the book is. Please contact me via my website or kwan at k-lassociates. As a relatively unknown, self taught astrologer, I do face very stiff competition. Does it normally take longer than a few days? It surely would be nice to see more reivewers who post to the following wonderful indie store sites as well as the amazon.

This looks like a great and helpful site Simon, thanks for setting this up. I just found it today and started to look for reviewers for our new novel.

You asked to let you know about fees — well, the first reviewer listed A Fae at Truth About Books does charge for their reviewer services. I would consider paying them if it were much cheaper, but I thought that was kind of high. I was notified the other day that they were charging and because of that will be removing them from the list the next time I update it most likely later today or tomorrow. This site has vanished completely: Vanessa Carmichael, Book Review Blog http: Sullivan, May 20, I think we have a terminology disconnect.

When I used the term small press it was using the term as it is commonly used to mean a small publishing company. Something like Red Adept Publishing — http: I think the aside about publishing method self, small publisher or large publisher got confused in your mind with the production method. Create Space is your printer, not your publisher. Thanks for the clear explanation of requirements for submitting books to your listed reviewers.

My seven novels and short-story collection are self-published and printed by both Kindle and Create Space. Thanks too for providing this promising opportunity. What a great site. But we are in a bit of a conundrum; we have some non-fiction books, on some serious topics—one of them is a history of racism, another an expose of Liberty University—and are having trouble finding reviewers on this site who review such non-fiction topics.

Many of these reviewers are so focused on fiction genres that non-fiction might not have even entered their though process when defining their genre preferences. We do review non-fiction. You can still send me a request, but just know that I will not be prioritizing it.

Currently I am not able to accept e-books,I broke my ipad and need time to fix it. I will not accept them until a later date, but feel free to email me your info to hang onto until I am accepting them..

I would greatly appreciate a physical copy sent to me for review. This is extremely fishy. Are there review writers willing to consider books written by children? I think most of the adult authors would tell you that they have a lot of review requests rejected or unanswered. The reasons why often have nothing to do with them or their book. Most reviewers get many more requests than what they can handle.

Thanks much again for taking the time to answer my question and thanks for the list. A Novel of a Quantum Future. More info at http: Thank you so much! Is your book self-published currently, or is this a manuscript?

A book report form to help middle school students organize their thoughts and evaluate a mystery novel. Vocabulary development, character study, summarization skills, art, and a special project Includes a grading rubric. Animals 2 Book Report Form. Narrow-lined book report form to go with any book about animals. Fairy Tale 3 Book Report Form. Unlined book report form to go with any fairy tale.

Fairy Tale 2 Book Report Form. Narrow-lined book report form to go with any fairy tale. Fiction 2 Book Report Form. Narrow-lined book report form to go with any work of fiction. Follow the arrows and answer the prompts about setting, character, etc.

Cozy Up with a Good Book. This shapebook can used for student book reviews. Dolphins Book Report Form. Two report forms guide students through the writing of book reports for fiction and non-fiction books about dolphins. Retelling a Story elementary Book Report. A one-page form for helping students learn how to retell or comprehend a story. Reading Literature Report form multi-age Shapebook Booklet. The form can be used for any piece of literature. Students write about the theme, setting, characters and events.

Fits with most common core standards for reading and writing about themes. Book Summary Form any book. Answer targeted questions about characters, plot, and setting to help write a book summary. Green Eggs and Ham 2 Book Report. Did you like the story? Write your response here. Draw and describe a food that is as strange as green eggs and ham.

A book report form with targeted questions to go with any non-fiction book. Answer the targeted questions about a main character from any book. Biography Book Report Form. Book report form to go with any biography.

Book report form with targeted questions to go with any historical novel. Book report form to go with any mystery book. Use this page to divide portfolio categories or for a notebook cover. Trumpet of the Swan - Chapter Summary Book. Cards for writing and illustrating short chapter summaries. Book report form to go with any fairy tale. This great two-page form combines comprehension, evaluation, and word skills, helping students know what to look for when reading.

Suitable for upper elementary, middle school, and high school. Fiction elementary Book Report. A simple book report form to help elementary students organize their thoughts and evaluate a work of fiction. The prompts explain character, setting, etc. Non-Fiction elementary Book Report. A simple book report form to help elementary students organize their thoughts and evaluate a non-fiction book.

A book report form to help middle school students organize their thoughts and evaluate a work of fiction. Answer the prompts about setting, character, etc.

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