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How to Make a Rubber Band Car. Kids get step-by-step instructions for how to make a rubber band car and explore the physics of potential energy with this fun engineering science fair project. What Is a Compound Microscope? What is a compound microscope? Kids find out by making one of their own in this cool science fair project. Learn about magnifying glasses, concave lenses and inverted images by sending rays of light through a magnifying glass in this cool science fair project!

Catalase and Hydrogen Peroxide Experiment. In this cool catalase and hydrogen peroxide experiment, kids put a potato in a jar of hydrogen peroxide to see how catalase acts as an enzyme. Water Transport in Plants. In this science project, learn about water transport in plants and make a beautiful dyed floral arrangement with cohesion, adhesion, and xylem tubes! Use applied math to model orbital eccentricity in this cool science fair project for 7th grade.

In this cool project, create a lighted, scale model of the different layers of the Sun, including the core, radiation and convection zones, and photosphere.

How do fish breathe? How do gills work? How to Measure Viscosity of Liquids. Kids will learn how to measure the viscosity of liquids by making their own homemade viscometer in this great science fair project idea. Conservation of Energy Demonstration. This conservation of energy demonstration shows why the first hill is the highest on a roller coaster. Learn more about potential and kinetic energy! Elastic Collision of Equal Masses. Dig into the physics of pool to explore some cool applied math and learn about what happens in an elastic collision of equal masses.

Learn how to convert gravitational potential energy into mechanical energy in this fun science fair project idea. This cool physics demo illustrates the simple harmonic motion of a pendulum while teaching kids the important concepts of potential and kinetic energy.

How to Calculate Speed of Sound. In this cool sound resonance experiment, learn about frequency and pitch, and use a tuning fork to calculate sound velocity in air. Make stunning pendulum waves and learn the math behind the patterns generated with this cool and easy science project.

Wave-Particle Duality of Light. Explore the wave-particle duality of light! Learn how light can behave as both a wave and a particle in this cool physics science fair project idea for kids.

Wavelength of Laser Light. How fast does light travel in different mediums? Kids conduct a cool refraction experiment in materials like water and air for this science fair project. What is the coldest temperature possible? Boiling Water in a Paper Cup. Boiling water in a paper cup is possible because of convection and the thermal properties of water and paper. Learn how with this fun science fair project idea. Van de Graaff Generator Experiments.

Most can be done with items you probably already have at home. Each description below will tell you if you need to purchase any supplies in particular. Why buy science project ebooks? You get tried and tested projects for a small price. No wondering where to get complicated supplies, or trial and error trying to get an experiment to work.

They are in pdf format and you will need Adode Reader to view them. Most likely you already have it, if not its a free download here This ebook contains three simple projects suitable for first to third grade students.

You will most likely have everything at home to do these. This ebook has three projects which may be most appropriate for students in grade 4 or above. Younger students can certainly do these very easily but may not have been exposed to these science concepts yet. All experiments may be done with items found in the home or any grocery store.

This ebook contains a single project that can probably be completed in one week or less. The only item you may have to purchase here is a small pack of garden seeds.

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No science fair project is complete without a science fair project board. Shop science fair display boards and science fair kits online at JOANN.

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Some cool science fair projects you can buy and download now.

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Science Fair Project information and support for students, teachers and schools. In my project I was trying to find thesis statement for eating disorder research out buy a science fair project . Find great deals on eBay for science fair projects. Shop with confidence.