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Compare and contrast Stephen and John Kumalo.

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“Cry, the Beloved Country
by Alan Paton
“Cry, the Beloved Country

Toward the end of the movie Cry Freedom the police isolated the reporter by not letting him be with more than one person at one time because they saw him as a threat. The last theme that I found in both the movie and book was innocence. Kumalo really has no idea what is going g on when he travels to the big city. In the movie the reporter just wants to do a few stories about what it is like being black in apartheid.

He ends up getting on trouble with the law. These are the biggest parallel themes I could find between the navel and the movie. Both of these stories do a great job showing us what it is like for blacks to be brought up under apartheid. And it is important for younger people to learn about apartheid so that history does not repeat itself again.

The Epic of Gilgamesh: Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team https: Looking at the diversity of South African life now, it is amazing to think that just twenty years ago, the country was still struggling through one of the bitterest racial struggles of modern history.

As a black man, Nelson Mandela was only legally allowed to vote in his home country for the first time in , when he was elected president. Talk about an incredible turnaround. In , the same year that Paton first published Cry, the Beloved Country , the Afrikaner National Party came up with the term apartheid to describe its new, stricter set of policies intended to enforce white legal domination over the black people of South Africa.

Like the Jim Crow laws in the American South, apartheid limited the ways that black people and white people could interact. But apartheid went further than American segregation because under apartheid, all black people in South Africa who make up a huge majority of the population had to register their addresses with the cops.

They also had to live in specially selected areas out in the countryside or around the edges of major cities. Many of the white people who believed in apartheid felt that it was actually the divine purpose of the Afrikaner people to maintain the racial superiority of whites over black people in South Africa source. Many more white business owners also took advantage of these racist policies to improve their profits by forcing their black workers to work for very little pay.

Both of these motivations—white supremacist racism and the greedy desire for economic advantage—appear in Cry, the Beloved Country to explain why so many white South Africans resist even basic social reform.

And Kumalo is grateful to receive help, without many larger ideas or reform plans of his own. And be sure to check out our analysis of Father Vincent for more on the paternalism" in other words, well-meaning but sometimes excessive meddling of these white characters.

Cry, the Beloved Country is an important book because it gives us a thoughtful, wide-ranging view on the moral and social implications of legalized racism in South Africa.

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Cry, the Beloved Country Homework Help Questions Who are Msimangu, Stephen Kumalo, and James Jarvis' foils in "Cry, the Beloved Country"? Arguably, James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo could be considered each other's foils.

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All Help Is Free Until You Hire!Get answers to your Cry, the Beloved Country questions from professional tutors at Toggle navigation. Home > Cry, the Beloved Country > Homework annaleonbuenosaires.tkrk solved! Step-by-step answers English > Novel > Cry, the Beloved Country Add your thoughts about Theophilus Msimangu. Your Name Here. Cry, the Beloved Whos It For? Anyone . In “Cry, the Beloved Country," tone is an important part of reading the book. The tone is lyrical and poetic, and it changes depending on the subject at hand. When the book is telling the story of Kumalo, it often takes on a bitter tone.

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Get answers to your Cry, the Beloved Country questions from professional tutors at In light of this, the most important theme of Cry, the Beloved Country is how an environment can choke the reason and life out of an individual and lead to that person's imprisonment and death. This is true in a literal sense, as the novel demonstrates, as well as in a metaphoric sense.