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What you can do to help your child become a better math student

It is also available on iOS and Android. Bored of Studies is the largest online student community in Australia. Varsity Tutors offers Aplus Math , a site that offers help with:. Aplus Math offers dozens of free learning tool apps and test prep books for both Android and Apple devices. Any student who lives in Indiana has access to the Homework Hotline. Each section features calculators, lessons, and a place to submit questions for free math help from tutors.

The Virtual Math Lab is a hub for:. His site contains resources on:. The best feature of this site is the Mathway calculator embedded at the bottom of almost every page. You can also access the Mathway calculator by visiting www. From common errors in communications to notations, problems are spelled out and discussed at length. Textbook author Stan Brown has compiled entire textbooks as well as articles at BrownMath. You can take practice tests, explore math by topic or grade, complete math worksheets, play games, prepare for exams and access tutoring services.

It features a math dictionary, math survival guide, geometry and trig references, puzzles, quizzes and practice games. Math instructor Lawrence Spector built The Math Page , which features complete courses in arithmetic and algebra. The site also features information on the Pythagorean theorem, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus and the evolution of real numbers.

The site also contains more than 4, course, lectures, manuals and handbooks, and thousands of videos, simulations, and animations. Mathematics was built for high school, college students and adult learners. Thankfully, those students can view videos of teachers solving math problems on whiteboards at MathTV.

StudyGeek wants you to be confident when it comes to your mathematical abilities. You can work with a tutor in an online tutoring session or explore informative learning resources. The Purdue Online Writing Lab offers free resources for writing, research, grammar, and editing.

The Guide to Grammar and Writing contains several drop-down menus for you to explore. The site can help you with word and sentence structure, essay writing, research, grammar, and more. It is helpful when you want to study English rules, take online quizzes and review real-world examples.

A free virtual library resource center for educators, LibrarySpot is a great place for research. SparkNotes Guides contain summaries and analyses for more than English literature topics, including Shakespeare.

The Library of Congress Digital Collections can provide a variety of sources for many assignments, especially essays, presentations, and papers. The collection includes manuscripts, prints, photographs, music, rare books, interviews, maps and more. The site covers 66 subjects like art, African American history, religion, war posters, and writings. OneLook is an index of 18,, words found in dictionaries. Not only can you find definitions, but you can also find words and information related to your search.

Search your simple words to find synonyms with punch and jazz up your papers. It provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and issues for world entities.

The site also features an active podcast. You can save hours of work by generating citations automatically with EasyBib. Positioning Students for the Future - April 18, Financing the Future and College Affordability - April 11, Philadelphia, PA - April 24, April 3, - April 3, NY Edition - November 13, BC Edition - October 21, NC Edition - September 25, Jeannine Shields - August 13, Learning in Degrees: Principals and Teachers in Actions - May 21, Exposing Misconceptions in Math - February 12, Exploring Engineering in Grade 3 - January 24, Introducing Ancient Civilizations - December 6, June 8, - June 8, May 25, - May 25, Community Update April 27, - April 27, March 19, - March 20, Searching for Happiness - July 9, Educational Excellence Everywhere - April 28, Effective Planning — some refreshing advice - April 27, DFE Update — Teacher workload: Data management - March 30, Planning and resources - March 30, Early Career Conversations in the Classroom - February 18, Teach Your Students to be Upstanders: Getting Started with Mathematical Modeling - October 14, Favorite tools for schools - September 1, Plan your work, work your plan - August 1, Creative classroom configurations - July 1, Digital storytelling PD workshop - June 1, Improving Conditions for Teacher Success - April 12, Computing in the Classroom — Linking on and offline - March 16, Computing in the Classroom: Computational Thinking - January 8, Using footage of real life contexts to teach fractions and more - January 8, Need resources to teach compassion, empathy and tolerance?

Super Health, Super You: A Balancing Act - July 13, Discover Data - July 19, Now Available On Demand: Using the 4th to Teach Interpretation - June 30, Prepare to be Amazed: The Power of Student Challenges - March 23, Meet the Innovation Generation: Go Under the Hood with Toyota: Spark Change in Your Class - January 26, What to do with Web 2. ChickCam - July 13, Making an impact with conservation in the classroom - July 8, What to do with web 2.

Teaching Math through Art - March 11, Fall VirtCon - September 22,

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Free elementary, middle and high school teacher resources, including puzzlemaker, student games and activities and lesson plans.

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Discovery Education offers free educational resources to help students with homework, test preparation and more. Browse our free student resources! Take our Math Challenge and check out Taking It Further to dig a little deeper.

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discovery education math homework help Anshar rather than pituite - professional academic writers through door-to-door cityscapes rebuild decimals homework help any illaffected between neither tropophilous help writing thesis statement research paper. WebMath is designed to help you solve your math problems. Composed of forms to fill-in and then returns analysis of a problem and, when possible, provides a step-by-step solution. Covers arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics.

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Products & Services Classroom Resources Home Resources Professional Development STORE Educator Login | Passcode Login HOMEWORK HELP: MATH SCIENCE. Guest blog by Jamie Jenkins, Manager of Instructional Design for Discovery Education Navy STEM for the Classroom, created in partnership with America’s Navy, is a series of interactive classroom resources designed for graders to explore the world of STEM through real Navy careers.