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How to get an A in GCSE resistant materials coursework?

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❶By modeling, apply test procedures ensuring the product meets the original design brief and its fitness for purpose Consider when developing the product, the implications for quantity manufacture of Materials and components Tools, equipment and processes Critical dimensions and tolerances. Any tips on how to do well in coursework for DT?

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Is it too soon to be excited about Christmas. Find your perfect uni place go. Study tools Essay expert Learn to write like a pro with our ultimate essay guide. Thinking about uni already? AQA Product design revision guide What materials will you use to make your product?

Resistant Materials helps students develop design and making skills with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques. AS and A2 Level. AQA Design and Technology: BBC — GCSE Bitesize — Resistant materials A wide range of excercises about resistant materials , systems approach, materials and components, Design considerations, resistant materials production. Resistant Materials Technology for certification from June onwards version 1. Gcse resistant materials coursework —.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? You need to be familiar with the different properties of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; softwood and hardwood timbers; and thermoplastics and thermoset plastics. When working with resistant materials you need to be able to choose the best material for a job. Wood, metal and plastics are the most common materials used, followed by composites and ceramics. Modern products use materials that are constantly being altered either to make the manufacturing more cost-effective or to make the products more durable.

Manufacturing processes are therefore constantly being improved. It should give you a basic understanding of processes such as injection moulding, casting, welding and brazing and the reasons why one process is more suited to a product than another.

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Hi there, So essentially i'm just looking for some guidance on what kinds of things I need to be doing to ensure I get a good grade on my coursework. Du.

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Materials used: ABS plastic which is a strong recyclable plastic with high impact resistance, particle board- (being cheaper, denser and more uniform than conventional wood), acrylic paint and melamine foil to add aesthetic value.

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Column A should contain all of the tasks that resistant need to materials for your coursework. Help of an incomplete gannt chart. Row gcse should include coursework hours available to you to complete the tasks. This is 40hours for your coursework. GCSE Resistant Materials project examples. resistant Do this in 2 help blocks. Coursework. Help on thread page Beta Toggle. DT Resistant Materials Coursework watch. Here's all the info you need to be ready for GCSE results day. Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 Hey all, the deadline for my resistant materials coursework is really close and i was wondering if anyone had any tips or resources to help out with the paperwork, the rest.

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AQA GCSE Resistant Materials Page by Page Coursework Help This document contains examples of good practice for each page of the coursework. Following each example page is a slide showing differentiated cri. Follow 1 Hey all, the deadline help my resistant materials coursework is really close and coursework was wondering if anyone had any tips or creative writing uwaterloo to help resistant with the paperwork, the gcse is alright for me but I'm having troubles organising myself with the entire write up on PowerPoint.