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❶The writers could add captions or text along with the photographs for a better description. It is the presentation of your outlook on the topic that is the focus of the essay.

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Essay writing is something that you cannot improve overnight. It has to be in your habit. For developing a habit of essay writing, you need to practice it on day to day basis. Writing practice is very important, but to develop a habit of analysis is much more important.

If you really want to reach a position where you can write an essay over any given topic, then you have to develop a habit of analyzing each and every situation as well as topic you come across. For analyzing, you need to chart the following steps:.

Common Essay Mistakes Many of us generally commit mistakes in writing essays on simple topics like "Why do you want to go to our college? So, you need to be very careful and selective while framing and jotting your essay. Try to avoid the following common mistakes:.

Topic 1 India is the second most populated country of this world. It has its own pros and cons. Essay 1 Planning is a prerequisite for solving any problem.

Our country, India, is facing an acute problem of increasing population. This problem has its root in the family-level and the solution of this problem lies in family-planning. So, family planning should be mandatory in India. Thus, the problem of population is not only about more and more people living in this country but this problem could be much more trivial like it could create food shortage, mal nutrition, poverty, high death rate, unemployment and much more. We need to look at every angle to find a solution to this problem.

For instance, the Government should make it necessary for every couple not to have more than two children. It can announce medical schemes for assisting poor couples in family planning. However, mere planning on paper will not solve this dreaded problem. Government and the citizens of the country will have to execute the planning on the ground level. This is the only way of avoiding the crisis that we and our off-springs will face in future due to over population.

If every couple understands the benefits of family planning, we can overcome this issue in no time. The Government is encouraging family planning by introducing new and innovative schemes and education the people about the pros of less number of children like less number of children means greater care for them, good education for them, sufficient food for them, and a much better future for the children as well as their parents. Government has also opened many family planning clinics that are giving free advice, consultation and treatment to the public.

People should co-operate in this attempt and make their nation one of the greatest country on this planet with better education, health facility, employment rate, growth rate, etc. Essay 2 How outsourcing affects the US economy is a matter of great debate.

For those who speak for the international business and globalization, this practice will have an overall positive effect on the US economy - since it is economical for companies to hire less expensive work force of other developing countries, opens up opportunities for greater entrepreneurship in the US, and leads to more Americans holding higher level jobs.

Critics suggest that hiring foreign workers has an immediate effect on the US economy by stripping many Americans of jobs they would have performed, particularly by semi-skilled or skilled laborers as all the American population is not to be placed at higher level of managerial hierarchy. Both sides on this issue and all those who try to navigate a middle road between the two sides, have some valid points. It is true that outsourcing has led to job loss in the US, and has had a detrimental effect on those people who may be only minimally qualified to work.

The loss is not only to people with minimal job skills. This is a problem for those Americans in certain who are needy and might take jobs that require minimal skill, but due to outsourcing it is now much harder to get jobs of this type. When President Clinton enacted the Welfare to Work plan in the s, he was attempting to encourage people to get back to work so as to reduce government spending in welfare. Unfortunately, with fewer jobs available for unskilled workers, people may find themselves in exceptional poverty.

Poverty does not benefit the US economy since it reduces consumer spending and tax revenues. Even in the middle classes, there are plenty of jobs that are now outsourced. This has been particularly the case in the computer and technology industry. Again, inability to find work means inability to purchase homes, spend money, and profit companies. Those supporting outsourcing say that lowering expenses of corporations will create jobs.

There are plenty of government agencies that outsource some of their work, saving millions of dollars which has a direct effect on the US economy. A common theory contends that being able to pay people lower wages for work means that companies will be able to produce things with less expense and transfer this saving to consumers. Further, many argue that giving jobs to workers in less developed countries improves those countries economically and increases trade for US products.

Companies economically benefit by selling their products in other countries. This means they can hire more people in the US, lower their prices on products for US consumers. There is another "side" to the issue of outsourcing that needs to be addressed.

Outsourced work may be performed by children, or in inhumane working conditions. Abuses of foreign employees might not benefit US trade or political relationships. Outsourcing remains a difficult issue, but it does remain. Virtually no one, on any side of the argument concedes that outsourcing can be eliminated completely.

There are those who feel that corporations are evading taxes and depriving the government of needed money and suggests corporations should be taxed for outsourcing, and rewarded for keeping jobs within the US. Others feel the temporary loss of jobs will be followed by greater economic growth in the US and will ultimately be worth the cost. It is observed that around the globe drinking alcoholic beverages has become a way of life.

It is called a drug because its main ingredient is ethanol. Ethanol acts as a central nervous system depressant like a sleeping pill.

In high dosage, alcohol acts as an anesthetic. In low doses it acts a behavioral stimulant for complex reasons. And alcohol like other drug creates tolerance. So the more you use it, the more you need to achieve the same effect each time you drink. When alcohol is introduced into the stomach, it goes rapidly into the bloodstream.

After entering the blood, it passes into the brain, where it exerts its effect on behavior. If a person is drunk, they will remain intoxicated until the body converts much of the alcohol into acetaldehyde. It also resulted to alcoholic dementia, a specific condition of the brain, in which individuals develop difficulty swallowing, suffer impaired problem-solving skills and have difficulty in manipulating subjects. Cirrhosis of the liver is a condition that alcohol is known to cause.

When the liver is diseased with cirrhosis it is unable to function normally. Hearth disease is another concern for individuals who drink. They can also have an increased risk of developing high blood pressure which can them go on to cause strokes or further heart problem. Consumption of alcoholic drinks leads to several death around the globe. Thus, we can say that alcoholic drinks bring many problems in ourselves and even in our society.

In addition, it can also be a great threat for our young generations as young generations are the future leaders of our country. They are the one who will lead, guide and build a more successful and beautiful countries in the years to come. Thus, for them to fulfill their great role in this life, they need a lot of preparations knowledge and guidance to build a stronger foundation to their selves, but we all know at this moment, that a great number of young generations are facing a lot of trials, difficulties and struggles in life.

For example, with the high-tech technology that we have and with this fast changing world, the young generations are in a pressure on how they will deal with these things.

Peer pressure is also one of the reasons, it can add up burden to a person if the pressure is consistent. This is just the examples of the pressure our younger generation is bearing.

It could be more trivial if the elder and experienced generation does not guide these future guiding lights in the right direction. Our elders need to communicate with the youth freely and in a friendly manner so that if the young ones have any problem or pressure, they could discuss it without any hesitation rather than embracing any other options like drinking, drugs, etc.

Same is the case with introduction of Foreign Direct Investment F. I in the Indian retail market. The government has decided to open up the Indian retail market for global players through F. There are several versions of the possible outcome of this scenario floating in the different spheres of the country.

But the different interpretations ought to be backed with rational reasons. Broadly, there are two different views with regard to the decision of the Indian government to allow F.

The first argument is put forward by the government itself, supporting its resolution. The government claims that 10 million jobs will be created in the retail sector in the next three years. It mandates a minimum investment of million U. Now, this is a fact that India is not much developed in terms of infrastructures. Hence, this step can be deemed most welcoming.

Another very influential agenda pointed out by the government is the nuisance of middleman-ship. FDI in retail will ensure procurement of raw materials, especially of fruits and vegetables, directly from the farmers, thus filtering out the roles of middlemen. The government backs its decision with a host of other reasons, e.

What is more, you want to keep the paragraphs short as well. Avoid creating walls of text as they are really confusing to go through and they could get quite hard to read. With this in mind, the best thing to do would be to include between 5 and 8 short sentences in a paragraph and move to the next one. One of the best things that you could do is to rely on professionals to handle the task for you. This way you can make sure that the MBA Admission essay is handled thoroughly and everything is up to the highest standards.

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