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How to Select a Resume Writer

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❶Having your professional resume and CV…. For example; advising on the inclusion of a section that already existed!


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JibberJobber is a powerful tool that lets you manage your career, from job search to relationship management to target company management and much more. The point has been made. I have never sent my resume to The Ladders asking them for a review. You send a resume to The Ladders for their free critique. Then you get back a letter telling you what all the problems with your resume is, and for a fee they will get you a new one.

Remember, we are usually talking about resumes for executives. They will even critique their own, The Ladders generated, resumes! In other words, it seems they hardly even look at the resume… they just get you back a scary letter saying how bad your resume sucks, and that they can make it shine like new.

All of the links below come from those search results. Susan Ireland is a professional resume writer who wrote a nice post about how she set up her The Ladders account , to help you know what to expect.

A person on epinions writes: The Ladders has a resume review service for free, so I sent it along thinking they would recommend tweaks here and there…. I received back a letter stating things wrong with my resume that I did not have in there. They even referenced companies I have had no association. The letter with my own font formatting , in response to a resume that was professionally written:. Thank you for your resume submission! My name is xxxxx and I will be providing your resume critique.

In this email I will outline my thoughts, provide a price quote to you, explain the process, and give you instructions at the end of my review to get started. If you decide to proceed, you will be working directly with one of our top writers versed in your industry and level. Our methodology is simple: Please note that I am NOT critiquing your background, experience, or potential for success. Your resume needs to be assertive in showing prospective employers how you would be of value to them, because no matter how good you are at your job, the resume is what really lands the interview.

The five main aspects within a distinguished summary indicates: This strategy separates the duties from the results and really highlights your key accomplishments, making them easy to find when the resume is quickly scanned.

The language could be MUCH stronger. In the active voice, the subject acts. In the passive voice, the subject is acted upon. The active voice is more natural, direct, vigorous and emphatic — traits you want your resume to have in tone. The vast majority of resumes are handled now by resume databases whether online or Human Resource Information Systems within companies. One of them is a preference for sans serif font styles.

Change the font to something that is sans serif and avoid the default Times New Roman or other serif fonts. Jamie, your resume is your self marketing tool. It gets you in the door.

It must be strong on ALL levels in order to achieve the best results. You are in need of a self-marketing brochure — one that shows your high caliber. Why does that employer want to interview YOU? You need to be MUCH more active in pulling out your forte — things that will show potential employers what they get for their investment your compensation.

After all, the majority of my clients are senior-level execs, so I was thrilled to be able to have something promising to tell them. The Ladders is a scam. I run a UK-based CV service and have had numerous problems whereby clients whose CV I created where coming back to me after a couple of weeks saying they had their CV reviewed by another company who slated it.

Every statement was generic: For example; advising on the inclusion of a section that already existed! The whole document was a scare tactic to get the candidate to part with hundreds of pounds. What is annoying is that companies like this are giving more reputable services a bad name. I spend a lot of time reviewing CVs free of charge, and sure; when you run a business you need to make money, but we also are in the industry to offer useful free advice to ensure our company has a good reputation — not scare people into giving us money.

Michael, My name is Michael, I am an Executive Resume Analyst and have reviewed over 20, resumes throughout my career. Because many candidates have difficulty viewing their resume objectively as a marketing tool, it is my job to evaluate how well your document distinguishes you from your competition.

Before I begin the critique, I would like to warn you about my style because my comments can seem frank. But the reality is that the job market is very competitive now, so I find it beneficial to help you develop your resume by being direct. In the analysis below, I have outlined the weaknesses I currently see in your resume, which include the lack of focus with regards to accomplishments and missing introduction, but these are not all.

You are completely missing the most important part of a resume: The summary statement is the most-read section of an entire resume; it is your ticket to the interview. This section both provides a quick and comprehensive look at your strengths from the beginning of the resume and acts as a keyword-rich area that enables your resume to be quickly found by HR technology on the internet.

Michael, this introductory section is increasingly important to employers as the job market becomes more competitive, and they have to read through more and more resumes each day. Your job descriptions are much too generic and unexciting to support your extensive and impressive background as a high-caliber Marketing Manager or Director. Employers want detail, and need to clearly see how you are better than the other candidates with similar experience. To be effective and create excitement, it needs to be results-based: Employers are looking for results.

They want to know you have solved problems similar to theirs and that you achieved the results for which they are looking. What are the results? What are the tangible outcomes? This is the focus that your resume lacks. You need to paint a vivid and informative picture that successfully captures the full scope of your achievements and value in an effective and logical manner.

Believe me, your competition is not hiding their lights under baskets, so neither should you. Because you are targeting Manager or Director level positions, where you need to be focused on strategic thinking along with many other different constituents, your accomplishments need to put more emphasis on specific, measurable highlights that reflect your ability to produce great results regardless of external factors.

Employers look for potential in the quantitative evidence you show of your success. You need to make sure you get that type of information in the resume in a highlighted way and a way that is going to convey the extent of your caliber to someone that does not know you.

Overall, the content of your resume is too bland. It does not generate interest or show how you are any different than the other candidates against whom you are competing. Employers need to see clearly how you are better than the other candidates with similar experience.

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Resumes with pictures, graphics, logos, or multiple columns can be incompatible with the kinds of computerized systems companies use to store resumes. In this case, recruiters might not be able to .

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For example, resume writers who are out of touch might use an objective statement instead of an executive summary and/or a descriptive title at the top of the resume top; these changes in resume-writing conventions occurred in just the past few years.

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