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❶This solar-powered, scientific calculator is the perfect for converting units, mole problems, rate laws or any other type of chemistry homework problem you might encounter.

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What Are Conversion Factors?

Graphing calculators are not required for chemistry, but if you are planning on taking a science or math class in college, it might be a good investment. One of the nice features of the TI Plus is that is has multi-line display.

The Ti Plus has graphing capabilities and memory. There are chemistry study programs that you can download to the calculator. You can also graph data, and program equations into the calculator. If you are interested in a calculator for chemistry and for college, then the TI Plus is the calculator for you. The top of the line calculator that you might use in high school chemistry is the TI Titanium. In addition to the graphing features and being fully programmable, the TI Titanium also comes with pre-loaded applications, a USB cable to connect to other calculators or computers, and more memory than other TI graphing calculators.

The TXXII is affordable, comes from a trusted name in educational technology, and will help you to do your best in chemistry this year. Do yourself a favor by starting right with the best calculator for chemistry to help you succeed.

Check out our Quick Print Study Guides page. On this page you will find FREE, printable, one-page study guides on the most important topics in Chemistry. Here is a great short video that explains how to convert units step-by-step. Pause the video if you need to write down the steps, draw the setup, or try some of the practice problems for yourself.

Do you need quick help answering a chemistry homework question? This website is designed with students like you in mind. You have lots of homework, and you need quick help to solve some of your chemistry questions. On this website you will find lots of cool chemistry features. I love to see my students really thinking and applying what they are learning. If you have a question that has you stumped, leave your question along with your name and email address in the contact form on the sidebar.

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Accept answers at your own risk. We use automoderator for a few things. It may delete a post erroneously. We ban all bots. Ok, I have to convert Im in Canada, so Im not used to the imperial system what so ever. If you could help me with using the correct conversion factors, that would be great!

I think how I would go about this, is change the grams to lbs and km 3 into L. Although, Im not really too sure how to go about turning km 3 into L. Any help to point me in the right direction would be great! Doing the volume part depends a little on what you do know. Sometimes, if you simply start exploring a conversion, you make it work. Good clear dimensional analysis means it is not important to be "efficient"; you use conversions that are familiar, and check that the units work out.

Nothing is gained by trying to do it in one step. You may know that there is more than one gallon. US and UK have different size gallons. And there is more than one ounce. These are not relevant here, but are a possible pitfall in doing mixed-system conversions.

I think your conversion factor from pounds to grams is not correct. If you assign the larger unit a value of 1 then the smaller unit should always have a value greater than 1.

Note that you did not show what the units are there. Be sure to show the units, so you can see what cancels. But the value is wrong, as another person has noted. Grams are small, pounds are big. Your factor says that a pound is a tiny fraction of a gram. And if you did a side calculation to work it out, you are not doing good dimensional analysis.

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Unit Conversions Tutor We provide chemistry homework help when you need it! Converting units in either metric or English units (or combos) are essential to chemistry, physics, biology, or any science.

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Aug 18,  · Please show step by step and explain? 1. 1ML to cubic centimeters 2. qt to milliliters 3. 16lbs to gramsStatus: Resolved.

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Do you have homework problems about Converting Units in Chemistry or Dimensional Analysis? Check out our Quick Print Study Guides page. On this page you will find FREE, printable, one-page study guides on the most important topics in Chemistry. Name_____ Date_____ Measurement Conversions -- Metric to Metric (answers on next page – but work out the problems first!) 1. kg = _____ g.